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Friday, January 15, 2010

First Trip To the Card Shop in 2010

I was on my way home after work today and decided to take a trip to my nearest card shop. I used to go at least once or twice a month but since last September, I haven't been. My intention was to go and pick up some long needed supplies like GU toploaders, sleeves, pages, and boxes. I have at least 4-5 sets that have been taking up space in my monster boxes that have no business being in there.

Normally, there are a couple of guys that park themselves in there almost everyday. These two babble on and on about their pulls and how thier stuff is so great and yours sucks. They stand over you like vultures waiting to devour thier newly acquired carcasses. You can't even open anything while they are there because they barrage you with questions and ridiculous offers to buy your hits. Well, today was different.

I walked in and they weren't there. In fact, the owner and his partner were there, along with at least a half dozen customers. I have never seen so many people. It was an awesome spectacle. Turns out, they are banned from the store, or at least, that is the rumor. Don't know why...don't really care. All I know is, the environment was so much nicer, calm, and conducive to card collecting.

So I picked up my supplies and spent another 20 minutes chatting with some of the patrons. I guy was there busting some of last years and this years Black Diamond Hockey. He pulled a quad-swatch jersey of Sidney Crosby that I really wanted but couldn't begin to imagine what he would want for it. Last years quad jersey goes for between 50-80 in most cases. Regardless, the urge struck me and my supplies were quickly joined by another box of O-Pee-Chee. If I am ever going to finish the set, I had to buy at least one more box.

Now I have my supplies and I will be able to start making more room for all the cards that are piled up in the shelf in my closet. I'll post anything I might pull out of there. Also, I have a few trades that should be posted in a few.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cujo Retires

One of my all-time favorite goalies to watch in the NHL retired on Tuesday. I guess I am late to the party because I just heard about it. Either way, it is a sad day when any of the players you admire hang up their equipment for the last time.

(I have no idea how that crease got in there. That sucks.)

CuJo played for 19 years as an undrafted free agent. Spending much of his career in St. Louis, he later played for Edmonton before moving on to his most memorable stint with the Maple Leafs. He also played for the Coyotes, Flames and Red Wings. His 454 wins is currently good enough for #4 on the career wins list behind Martin Brodeur, Patrick Roy, and "The Hawk" Eddie Belfour. Not bad company to be in, that's for sure. The only thing he doesn't have in common with the others is a Stanley Cup. He never played on a championship team and finished with a 63-66 record in the playoffs.

Here is one of my favorite moments of his career...of course it's a fight...A GOALIE FIGHT!!

We're Getting The Band Back Together

The Pens beat the Flames last night, 3-1, in a pretty fast paced game. Crosby scored a highlight reel goal (#30) in the first period that I tried to find on YouTube but it wasn't there yet. Plus my boy Guerin scored the game winner, a second-period power play goal (#15 I think). But the game last night felt more like the 2009 playoffs all over again.

The Pens reformed the dominant #2 line of Malkin, Fedotenko, and Talbot. I was so much younger back when they used to play together last summer but it seems like only yesterday. They didn't account for any points but it was great to see that Bylsma recognized the need to do something. Either way, this was a great thing. I am psyched. Malkin needs a spark. The Pens need a spark for that matter.

Malkin hasn't been his self this year (and by self I mean 100 point scorer). He has been playing poor on offense and defense, which since I've been watching him, is very uncharacteristic. Of course, it didn't help that Maxy was out for the first 20 games with his shoulder surgery. I think the Olympic break should get him some well needed rest to heal up. Here's hopeing going back to this line will get the train a rollin.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Years Resolutions...1. stop procrastinating

Everyone that has a card blog seems to have posted some sort or another of a New Years Resolution for collecting this year. I have been meaning to do so as well but, like everything else, I seem to keep putting it off. In my defense, I have been preoccupied with some of my other NYR's that have sort of become that proverbial snowball, if you know what I mean. I decided that after over 12 years of avoiding health practitioners, I'd see a doctor. What I want to know is why isn't there anything wrong with me until I go to the doctor? But none of that is relevant here because this, my friends, is a card blog.

So my card collecting resolutions for the new year are all based on my actions of last year and the amount of money and time I spend amassing a giant pile of insignificance. Therefore, in no particular order, I bring to you the Real DFG's Card Collecting Resolutions:

1. Buy less retail wax. I have become so caught up in busting packs that I lost site of the fact that for the most part, I am not gaining anything toward my PC. I've talked about this numerous times; that burn that courses through my veins as I tear into the packs searching for the "greatest pull of all time". What that is, I don't know. But what I do know is that I need to stay away from the Wal-Mart.

2. Trade more. That's what it is all about right? Trading? I decided to put my own Trading Tracker on the page to the left here so I can really see what my habits are. Last year I spent more time searching for stuff on eBay rather than my fellow collectors. Hopefully we can change that.

3. Build more in my PC. I didn't buy very much for my PC last year other than a few cards. In fact, I can only think of about 10 or so cards that I would even consider permanent fixtures to my collection. This will change. My goal is 50 PC cards. That's about 4-5 per month. I can do it.

4. Expand my player collections. I have so many half-assed player collections it is ridiculous. I plan to refocus some of my attention on building these and filling some holes. Now that I have discovered CheckOutMyCards and SportsLots, this might be easier than I thought.

5. Finish some sets. I have about 2 dozen partial sets. I plan on completing at least six of these by Jan 1 2011. Maybe some readers can help me out. My wantlists are also posted on the right.

That's it. I only have 5 goals. Not 10 or 15 like some of my fellow bloggers out here but 5. I think it is pretty realistic and I am already on my way with some trades in the hopper so we will see at the end of the year where I am (if I last that long).

3 Trade Pickups

I just received the first trade package of 2010 today after trading with my new friend Chris from Michigan. Somehow in by freak accident, Chris stumbled onto my website and offered up some sacrificial cards for trade. Since Chris collects Detroit teams, I was more than happy to unload some Lidstroms and an Yzerman for a few Steelers that I needed.

Nothing fancy. Just three for the PC.

2006 Topps Gold Parallel Hines Ward (#302/2006)

This is one of my favorite HW cards because it really captures the game. The snow falling and the muddied up pants remind me of what Steeler football is all about. Now I have the Gold version. Too bad it wasn't #86.

2008 SP Rookie Edition Rashard Mendenhall

I am still not 100% sold on Mendy. He has had too many instances of putting the ball on the ground. With Parker likely out before training camp, he is most likely going to become the featured back.

2006 Topps True Champions Terry Bradshaw

These cards were only found in Wal-Mart boxes of 2006 Topps Football. How can you go wrong with a Terry Bradshaw card, though? In my opinion, you can't. 4-Time Super Bowl Champ. You can't argue with that.

Thanks Chris, and your package is on it's way.

(Oh and let's not forget a warm DFG welcome to Captain Canuck, aka Brian from Waxaholic. The Captain has the fortunate (or unfortunate) task of being my 10th follower. Sorry, there is no prize. And if there were, you'd probably want to give it back.)