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Friday, January 8, 2010

Part 2: 1997-98 Pinnacle Hockey Box Break

Ok, so I'm posting this back to back only because I really have nothing better to do since my office shut down due to the 8 inches of snow that fell overnight.

I had to move forward with the other box because I couldn't bare to leave this set incomplete. I was 26 cards short on the base set. I ended up with 23 doubles and 1 triple. Despite the weird photography and the somehow washed out look of the cards, I like them for some reason. I think I am going to put them in a book.

First, here are some of the interesting cards that I like for whatever other reason than their photography is kind of bizarre:

Apparently Hannah & Tonia love Matthew Barnaby. He seems happy about the news.

Jarome Iginla is going to destroy this camera, then you, then Tokyo. In that order.

How dapper Paul looks in this picture. Why don't more people actually wear tux's to award shows. It would really make for a better production.

I am not real sure what is going on here. I think Trevor found a stencil kit and went to work. Is this really on the wall somewhere in Vancouver? All I know is "this hallway has an obligation."

I want to know if this is a case where the photographer shot too early. It would appear that way. This picture cracks me up.

Good old Petr. Yeah, that's spelled right. Not only did he forget his practice uniform on photo day, he forgot his skates too. Didn't someone tell him it wasn't fashionable to tuck your shirt into your sweat pants? Awesome.


So I broke the other box and I am still 8 cards short of the base set. I got two "hits" in this one instead of 3 like the first box. The first one is a Saku Koivu Epix Moment Purple. I think this is the only card out of both boxes that might have some value. Oh, wait. I forgot about that mirror/non-mirror from the first box. Ok so it is one of only two cards with any value. The other hit was an Eric Fichaud Rink Collection. Nothing special there.

I can possibly get my hands on two more of these for cheap but now I don't know if it is worth it since out of two boxes, I got five non-base cards and am still 8 cards short of a 200 card set. If anyone out there wants some of my doubles, send me a wantlist because chances are I got them.


  1. My brother-in-law collects some hockey cards. I saw a few of these boxes in Meijer for 50% off and I got them for him. They came out to $10.00/box. Is that a good deal? Should I get him some more?

  2. I think it is. You can piece together a set with two boxes and have a ton of doubles. Plus there are some really nice inserts and parallels with the Rink Collection and the Epix sets.

    I mistakenly bought a third box and pulled an Yzerman Rink Collection so I was happy.

  3. I have the main base 200 that you are talking about I unfortunatly am not going to break up the set. It took me only 3 boxes to get the main 200 My ebay id is Globalizedmerchandise if you want to check it out I have some doubles so maybe I have the 8 you are looking for in doubles


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