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BILL GUERIN Collection (Updated 7/26/19)

This is my Bill Guerin PC page.  I have been collecting Bill Guerin cards since he was with the Dallas Stars.  I always like the way he played the game and the respect he got from his teammates, no matter where he played.  I was excited when the Penguins finally gave him an opportunity to win another Cup at the end of his career.  He is one of the great class acts of the league.

Here are the particulars...


Total Bill Guerin Cards Printed: 1,668
Unique Cards In Collection:  376
Total Cards In Collection: 676

Bill Guerin Checklist

Above is a link to my Checklist.  If it isn't on here, I probably need it so we can work on a trade or you can just donate to my cause :).  If I show duplicates, I can trade them if you need them as well.  Currently there are over 280  different cards here, although I may have missed a few.

It is pretty easy to follow...the yellow highlighted or crossed out ones are already in the collection.  Everything else is a needed item.  There is note column for anything pertinent other than basic info, like serial numbering and swatch color for the GU cards.  Check it out and help me complete my list!!

And what would a PC page be without sharing some love of the cardboard.  Here are some of my favorites...