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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

3 Trade Pickups

I just received the first trade package of 2010 today after trading with my new friend Chris from Michigan. Somehow in by freak accident, Chris stumbled onto my website and offered up some sacrificial cards for trade. Since Chris collects Detroit teams, I was more than happy to unload some Lidstroms and an Yzerman for a few Steelers that I needed.

Nothing fancy. Just three for the PC.

2006 Topps Gold Parallel Hines Ward (#302/2006)

This is one of my favorite HW cards because it really captures the game. The snow falling and the muddied up pants remind me of what Steeler football is all about. Now I have the Gold version. Too bad it wasn't #86.

2008 SP Rookie Edition Rashard Mendenhall

I am still not 100% sold on Mendy. He has had too many instances of putting the ball on the ground. With Parker likely out before training camp, he is most likely going to become the featured back.

2006 Topps True Champions Terry Bradshaw

These cards were only found in Wal-Mart boxes of 2006 Topps Football. How can you go wrong with a Terry Bradshaw card, though? In my opinion, you can't. 4-Time Super Bowl Champ. You can't argue with that.

Thanks Chris, and your package is on it's way.

(Oh and let's not forget a warm DFG welcome to Captain Canuck, aka Brian from Waxaholic. The Captain has the fortunate (or unfortunate) task of being my 10th follower. Sorry, there is no prize. And if there were, you'd probably want to give it back.)


  1. thanks, glad to be here..... but... uh... I was promised snacks?

  2. There were some chips over in the corner about 10 minutes ago but I think the were eaten by that guy over there.


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