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Thursday, January 14, 2010

We're Getting The Band Back Together

The Pens beat the Flames last night, 3-1, in a pretty fast paced game. Crosby scored a highlight reel goal (#30) in the first period that I tried to find on YouTube but it wasn't there yet. Plus my boy Guerin scored the game winner, a second-period power play goal (#15 I think). But the game last night felt more like the 2009 playoffs all over again.

The Pens reformed the dominant #2 line of Malkin, Fedotenko, and Talbot. I was so much younger back when they used to play together last summer but it seems like only yesterday. They didn't account for any points but it was great to see that Bylsma recognized the need to do something. Either way, this was a great thing. I am psyched. Malkin needs a spark. The Pens need a spark for that matter.

Malkin hasn't been his self this year (and by self I mean 100 point scorer). He has been playing poor on offense and defense, which since I've been watching him, is very uncharacteristic. Of course, it didn't help that Maxy was out for the first 20 games with his shoulder surgery. I think the Olympic break should get him some well needed rest to heal up. Here's hopeing going back to this line will get the train a rollin.

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