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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Close to Completion

Well after a swap for some equally needed cards for our 2009-10 Upper Deck Series I Hockey sets, I am only 2 cards shy. Thanks to Captain Canuck for the trade. I appreciate it. Now, only Mike Modano #139 and Josh Georges #19 elude me. If there are any readers out there that would be willing to help me complete my first set of 2010, let me know.

As an added bonus, the good Captain threw in some old wax for good measure...I was a little worried at first that it might have been a drive by bipping. Thank Jeebus it was only a pack of 1991-92 Score Hockey. Here are a few of the 15 cards that were in there.

Highlights: A John LeClair Rookie (which you could see through the wrapper), Two Belfour's in the same pack, and a Rick Tocchet Crunch Crew that reminds me of the old Batman TV show.

I have been tooling around with my page lately and changed the header. I kind of like it now since it was a bit on the plain side before. Don't be surprised if things look different the next time you check anything on here. I haven't found something I am totally satisfied with yet.

(Thanks goes out to my latest victim...err, follower Anthony Kates. I am not sure if Mr. Kates has a blog out there for cards or otherwise, but he is a follower of many of the same sites as I am. Welcome to you there sir.)

Friday, January 22, 2010

So far, so good

As of today, I have pretty much stuck to most of my resolutions. I have yet to overload on retail boxes and my collection organizing is coming along swimmingly. The addition of the baseball cards did put a snag into the consolidation plans but found cards are as good as free cards and I love me some free cards.

I finally received my first card for my Bill Guerin player collection. I had won this one at auction back in December for a whopping $.35 (American). After two weeks of not receiving the card, I happened to check the seller and discovered that he was not in the US. He wasn't even on this continent in fact. He was from the UK and had sent everything from his closing auctions out the week of Christmas. I didn't know how long mail took from overseas and neither did he. Well, the answer, my friends, is 29 days. Here it is...

2003-04 Topps C-55 Mini Brooklyn Back #31

This is the first C-55 card I think I have in my entire collection. I was out of the hobby at that point, or at least on hiatus. I didn't collect anything from 2000 until 2004. This was one set that must have flew under the radar. It is a retro set modeled almost exactly after the 1911-12 C-55 Set. It is believed by most people in the hobby that Imperial Tobacco issued this set with their tobacco products, although no one actually knows for sure. Topps did a pretty good job of recreating these. Unfortunately though, they fail when it comes to production. In perusing the checklist for others in this set, I found 11 different variations of Guerin cards in this set, 8 of which are mini versions with back variations. Still, I like these cards and will probably try to find some more if I can.

So there we have it. My first player collection PC card of the year.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fleer Turns The Big #125 This Year

I saw this a few days ago on Sports Collector's Daily and thought it was a really cool idea. A long time collector is putting together a "scrapbook" detailing the last 125 years of the Fleer Corporation. Now that they are gone from the sport card production industry, their name still lives on through other product branding.

I have always liked the Fleer products. From the time I started collecting, they were always one of my favorites, having card designs like no one else. When the Ultra product was released, I always made an effort to make that one set in my stable of cards.

Check out the article over here: Collector Launching Fleer Book Project

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Am Not A Role Model

Now that I have my original baseball card collection (well most of it, anyway) I was pondering all the guys I admired enough to spend just a little more time collecting more than the others. Let's go through the list, shall we...

1. Jose Canseco - My favorite player growing up. By far and away, the largest assortment of cards in the boxes with the players already sorted. There were some gems including some non-licensed stuff that is pretty hilarious.

2. Barry Bonds - My second favorite player. Bonds was awesome to watch. I remember going to a game at Three Rivers back in 88 for our little league and meeting a bunch of guys like Bonds, Bonilla, and Van Slyke. Bonds couldn't have been nicer. I remember thinking he was small compared to Bobby Bo. Go figure.

3. Mark McGwire - The second half of the original Bash Brothers. He was the Ying to Canseco's Yang. I had to collect him as a compliment to my Jose's.

4. Gary Sheffield - I always liked Gary's game play. Plus, he was easy to collect back then because no one else wanted him.

5. Albert Belle - He was one of my up and coming favorites. Plus he had two different names, depending on card company (Joey or Albert). I always like the fact that he was smiling in all of his picturs. Turns out he knew something the rest of us didn't.

6. Ken Griffey Jr. - Griffey was a staple to anyone's collection back in the early 90's. Plus, for me, he was a hometown kind of guy, having been born in Donora and all. I grew up right across the river from there. I think Stan Musial was from there too.

Does anyone see a pattern here? All I need now is for Junior to admit to something ridiculous and I will have completed the cycle. Other than Griffey, for some reason or another, I was drawn to egomaniacal, self-absorbed, cheaters. Allegedly.

Hidden Treasure, That Was Already Mine

All of us that collect anything have heard the story before. Everyone has a tale of some golden gem of a card they had when they were kids that could mint them a fortune if they had it now. But, alas. It became bicycle spoke fodder or was flipped against a brick wall so many times it was now shaped like a shoe horn.

For those of us that didn't abuse our childhood cardboard the tale becomes similar in many ways. Like the stash of cards in the parents attic that somehow got given away at the church bizarre. Or the endless boxes and binders that were hidden away in the basement, only to succumb to the numerous floods and pump failures throughout the years. Any way you slice it, I think many of us have "those cards I used to have".

Well I was in the same boat. Until yesterday.

For my sons 6th birthday, my mom, step-dad, brother, and sister-in-law all decided to drive the 9+ hours from Pennsylvania to surprise my son. Mission accomplished. He was thrilled beyond believe and we had a really good time while they were here. Before coming out, my brother had told me he was bringing me something he had found while moving some stuff out of the house. When they arrived, he walked in with two Rubbermaid totes, obviously heavy since it took him and my step-dad to carry them. Not recognizing them, I only wondered what was inside.

After a full day of having some fun with the kids and the family birthday party, the evening was devoted to opening the totes. And there they were...6 monster boxes of my old baseball cards and a bunch of complete sets. I thought anything that I didn't get rid of was destroyed in the basement flood about 11 years ago. Apparently, as my brothers were growing up, the cards got moved up stairs and then eventually into the attic. Now that the house is being sold, they were discovered during cleaning. They are now back in the hands of their rightful owner.

In perusing a few of the boxes, I found all sorts craziness. Most of the baseball is from between 1981 and 1994 (when I stopped collecting baseball). The most intriguing thing was a 3" binder filled with non-sport stuff. There are some really weird cards in there that I don't remember having. I also found a 300 or so count box filled with Coors Brewing Company cards. Where they came from, I don't know. I gave them to my brother to put in his man cave in his new house.

So now the dilemma. I've now just increased my card inventory by, what I can only assume, is about 20,000 or more. 90% of it is baseball. I don't collect baseball. It is probably going to take me a few weeks to sort through all of it. I think I might post anything that I feel needs to be posted. If any fellow bloggers out there would be interested in maybe trading for some stuff too, I'm all ears. I think I might either try to break this up into players (which most of it already is) and teams.