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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Peer Pressure Purchase Part 3

The last pack of 2010 Topps Baseball...This will be my big hit, I can feel it.

Pack 9

#128 Garrett Mock
#277 Jarrod Washburn
#300 Chase Utley
#280 Mark DeRosa
#140 Matt Holliday
#CMT19 Steve Carlton - Cards Your Mom Threw Out
#TMC2 Million Card Giveaway Redemption
#TTT23 CC Sabathia Topps Town
#164 Carlos Carrasco
#240 Rickey Romero
#185 Hideki Matsui
#74 Casey Blake

No big hits here I don't think. Unless Gerrett Mock or Jarrod Washburn are superstars, which I doubt. Overall, I like the 90s feel of the base cards. I think the product is a bit overloaded on inserts which makes it hard to chase a master set. I do like the Cards Your Mom Threw Out idea because I think it hits home with most of us who collect. I am going to see what amounts of those 1,000,000 Card Giveaway things. It intrigues me. I can't say I won't buy anymore of these. another 5 or so packs and I will have no choice but to collect the set.

Here are some of the items I pulled here...

Here are the Cards My Mom Threw Out. In the case of the Manny and Molitor, they are right. The Big Hurt, I still have. The others, I never did. Too bad these aren't the real thing.

The Topps Town inserts. As you can see, the center Hamilton is different than the rest with a gold background and it has an F in front of the numbers on the back.

The rest of the inserts. Now that I see the Turkey Reds on a page, I like them again.

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