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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Hockey Hall Of Fame Autos - - Bobby Hull

(National Special Pack pulled Prominent Cuts #43/50)

The National is always a great time for collectors. With the sheer amount of items you can find and people you can meet, it's worth it alone. But one of the other fun things to do while there is visit the manufacturer booths. Usually, they set things up where you can get "free" items or "free with purchase" items.  

Upper Deck, for years, has had their Pack Redemption program running where if you buy a certain amount of packs of a designated product, you would receive free packs at their booth (the 2021 NSCC was a little different since Upper Deck wasn't there with a booth per se). In 2017, I was there with the family and we took part in the Pack Redemption program.

Once we were able to find and obtain the products eligible for the redemption (I think we bought a couple boxes of Series 1 and a box of Artifacts if memory serves), we headed over to the Upper Deck booth.  There was, of course, a large line of collectors redeeming their products.  One of the requirements was that the packs be opened at the booth but in order to move things along, Upper Deck reps would check your product, slice the wrappers open and then hand you the number of free packs you earned.   We were the beneficiaries of about 10 packs. Let the Pack Wars commence.

I'll fast forward to the ending. The winner was my youngest son, Daniel. He pulled this Upper Deck Prominent Cuts Bobby Hull autograph which is hand numbered #/50.  This was the first Bobby Hull auto any of us had ever pulled. Not the most rare auto to get as Bobby signs fairly frequently but the experience and environment surrounding the pull makes it special.  

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