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Monday, March 29, 2010

My NCAA Bracket - - Gateway to a box break..?

This is my only basketball post I think.  It will probably be the last, too.  It is just a segue to something bigger so I forgive myself. 

So in the spirit of not talking about things depressing I thought I would share my NCAA Men's Basketball bracket with everyone.  This was a $5 pool at the office that had you pick all the winners of each round and then a tie breaker score for the National Championship game.  Pretty simple, right?

Well as everyone knows, this year has seen more than it's fair share of upsets.  From underdogs performing the games of thier lives at the best moments to #1 seeds being dropped in the second round, this tournament has had everything.  Most people I have talked to have seen thier brackets busted in the first few rounds.  I have yet to meet anyone that had all final four teams picked exactly right, although I am sure there is someone out there.

Getting to the point of why this is relevant...first or second place will yield me enough to pick up a hobby box of something.  If I was to count up the number of loses I picked, including the subsequent losses due to a picked team not moving forward to the next round, I come up with a 37-25 record.  Not too good in the grand scheme of things.  But, behold, the one and only glimmer of hope.  I picked the entire Eastern bracket exactly right.  Don't know how this happened but it did.  And for my efforts, I actually am leading the office pool.  If WVU wins, the title is mine.  If Duke wins, I will still come in second.  If the Western or Midwestern Conferences win, I think everyone might be screwed. 

I was always a Penn State fan growing up but for the sake of my cardboard addiction...Go Mountaineers!!

PS...Is anyone else experiencing image problems with Blogger?  I can't seem to get half of everyone's pictures to work either through my own page or theirs (if they are on Blogger).

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  1. My images were messed up earlier in the day (I usually have my posts go up automatically)...but they seem to have fixed themselves since that time.


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