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Friday, August 14, 2009

Upper Deck vs. Topps, Part 8

Upper Deck fired back at the Topps deal with MLB by signing an exclusive right with the NCAA licensing group. This means that every card release that features college players in their respective school's uniforms will be on an Upper Deck product.

Here is the link to the article

I don't think this is good for anyone involved. Nor is it good for collectors. In fact, it is not even good for business. Competition keeps people in check, it makes them produce quality products at an affordable price so that the general target market will keep coming back. It is basic fundamental economics. I have said it before already that there is nothing good about exclusitivity rights so I am not going to expound on it again.

I will predict however, that Panini, Press Pass, Sage, and any other brand that features predominantly collegiate based releases will ultimately suffer. Or, they will just become some of the greatest airbrushings since Playboy.

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