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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Box Break - MJ Holding Co. Memorabilia Box (Football)

I have bought a few of these over the past couple years in both Hockey and Football and overall, I have been pretty satisfied. If you don't know, some retailers carry a box that claims 16 packs and 2 memorabilia cards inside for under $20. Many of these have yeilded me more than two jersey cards. In fact, a hockey box I purchased from Meijer a few months back had the two promised jersey cards (they are packed seperately, and 2 packs had other jersey cards and one had an auto.

I decided to pick another one up today, only this time it was a football box.

The box contained the following packs:

1 '08 Donruss Threads
1 '08 Press Pass
3 '06 Aspire
2 '07 Topps
1 '08 Playoff Absolute Memorobilia
1 '08 Stadium Club
2 '06 Topps
1 '06 Sage Hit
1 '06 Upper Deck
1 '05 Playoff Honors
1 '07 Upper Deck

There was also a huge pack inside that I had never seen before. It was a TriStar Hidden Treasures foil pack that said it contained 1 BCCG graded 9 or higher football card. Of course, this got me thinking what kind of awesomness could be nestled inside this pack. The labeling had all sorts of wonderful cards from the 40's and 50's. It also had illustrations of memorabilia pieces and autographs of some of the greatest players to ever put on a football helmet. It also was to contain a $10 coupon for grading, which basically equates to 1 free grade. This was going to be good!!

The tension was too much, I couldn't wait. I ripped open this one first. I saw the oversized plastic slab as I tore into the mylar foil. As I pulled it from the pack my anticipation level was at a fevered pitch and then....

Drew Bledsoe 1995 Fleer Pro-Vision graded 10? What the...? Was this it? A .25 cent card? Who grades a $.25 card? This has to be a mistake. Yeah, that's it. A mistake. Where is the note in here telling me I won something bigger?...

No note...

No grading coupon for that matter...

I think a little bit of me died today. Hopefully I will do better with the five other boxes I bought. God, I have a problem.

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