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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm so happy my team won, I think I will go steal something

What is with the people of Montreal and their incessant need for rioting and looting after winning big games (or losing big games)?  It doesn't make sense.  Sure, there are a few idiots out there that will inevitably bring out the bad press and turn the positives toward the negative side.  But those are the FEW.  In this case, these are the masses. 

I am sure this is all going to be blamed on some alcohol fuled rage from a few 20 something college douchebags but I think this goes deeper.  I am happy for the Canadiens and I hope they go on to win it.  Any 8th seed that can oust the top two teams in succession from the playoffs gets my vote anyday.  But come on people. 

"Police reported that an SAQ liquor store and three boutiques on Ste. Catherine were looted, while at least six people had been arrested by 11 p.m., most for being drunk in public." I read this morning that another dozen or more were arrested shortly thereafter.  Even two policemen (in full riot gear) were hurt.  "Despite the hooliganism, Montreal police characterized the reaction as tame compared to celebrations in previous years." 

I know it has happened in the past in some other cities (Chicago comes to mind) but this is every...single...time.  And to think, this was just a semi final game.  I hate to see what happens if they win the Conference Finals, or even the Cup.  Someone from Canada please explain this phenomenon to me.

This is understandable.  You just won a pivotal game 7.  You are happy. You pick your girl up on your shoulders to celebrate.  Hooray!

I can sort of see this too, because let's face it, alcohol makes people do stupid things sometimes.

But then you just go and make them angry....

Fires break out as people burn their "Olympic Hero" in effigy.  The one Habs fan is clearly trying to get warm but the others, I'm not so sure.  Notice the guy with the Pirates hat standing there.  What's that all about?

Now they are lighting people on fire.  Apparently this guy was a Maple Leafs fan who wandered out on the street at the wrong time.

"I'm so happy my team won that I am going to burn this newspaper clipping in one hand while holding my tallboy and cigarette in the other."  Ole, indeed.

No party is complete without the obligatory looting.  Here we find some fine young Canadien fans stopping by the local liquor store to pick up some refreshments after the game.  Look at 'em go.

While we are at it, let's go pick up some new warmup suits and shoes from what used to be the Foot Locker and is now going out of business.

The night isn't complete until someone passes out drunk.  What's that?  Not drunk you say? Oh, tear gassed.  That was my second guess.

And no night of celebration is complete without being escorted to the paddy wagon by police in riot gear.  Good times.

Stay classy, Montreal.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More like, Out To Lunch

There isn't much to say about the Pens performance in game 7 against Montreal.  They didn't show up.  They didn't perform.  They didn't even play.  There was a five minute spurt of energy that was spent furiously shooting the puck on net and somehow got them 2 goals but that was it. 

From the opening faceoff, they were doomed.  Crosby goes into the box ten seconds into the game.  Montreal scores twenty seconds later to make it 1-0 and that was the end.  The Pens were outscored, outplayed, and outclassed by the men from the north.  You can't expect to win when your top two scorers combine for 2 goals in the series.  2 goals.  That's total between them both, mind you.

Halak was a beast in the net like he has been all series.  Makes me wonder whatever happened to Carey Price, the supposed second coming of Patrick Roy.  I know he is the backup and all but I think his days are numbered.  Canadiens fans have a short memory and have every right to now that Halak has proven he can play against the best.

Congrats to the Canadiens for not only knocking off the President's Trophy winners in 7 games but now the defending Stanley Cup Champions.  If anyone deserves to win the cup at this point, it most certainly should go to Montreal.  I just hope the fans don't riot in the streets like they have a habit of doing, win or lose.  There is still a lot of hockey to be played.  Unfortunately, none that I have a vested interest in.

At least now I have another "Bad Day" to add to my list.

Well Thought Out Yet Completely Random Penguin Cards of the Week: Game 7 Edition

With the unofficial self-proclaimed theme of the Pens being "Out For Justice", it is fitting that it all comes down to one game. 


With that being said, I wanted to present not one random Pens card but a multitude in the hopes that it may bring some luck.  These are the guys that need to play on some kind of Zen level tonight if the Pens are going to make it out alive.  I am not superstitious or anything but I did notice myself sidestepping all the sidewalk cracks on the way to work this morning.  I'm just saying...

2007-08 OPC Micromotion Brooks Orpik

Orpik was quoted as saying, "When you play a best of 7, usually the best team wins.  So, I think we're pretty confident going into it."  Let's just hope not TOOO confident.  Brooksy can be a game breaker and he is going to have to bring it.  Out For Justice!!

2008-09 Upper Deck Winter Classic Kris Letang

Tanger must play the game of his life tonight.  No more random shots AT the goal.  We need shots ON the goal.  Experimental gameplay time is over.  Out for Justice, indeed.

2009-10 Upper Deck Bill Guerin. 

When asked about game 7, Guerin said, "It's obviously not what we were looking for."  Yeah?  Well, you got it.  Now do what you do best and make it happen.  Your leadership is unparalleled in that locker room and whatever is left in that tank needs to be emptied tonight.  Out For Justice!!

And last, but certainly not least are the three key elements to tonights game.  If either of these three gentleman is having an off night, tee times will be early tomorrow for sure.  The time to show what we are made of is now.  There can't be another game 6 performance.  Out For Justice!!!

2009-10 Collector's Choice 3 Star Selections Crosby/Fleury/Malkin

Monday, May 10, 2010

Random Steeler Card Monday

 2001 Bowman (Rookie)

With OTAs underway in the NFL, it is not a surprise to see many of the big name Steeler players actively participating.  On of those players is "Big Snack" Casey Hampton.  He has been hitting the weight rooms early and often according to 

“It’s just that time. I am getting older,” said Hampton, who is entering his 10th season. “I have to take better care of my body and be ready for the season. It’s that hunger of wanting to get back to the playoffs and get back to where we need to be. I need to lead by example and show young guys how it needs to be done.”

2006 Upper Deck Super Bowl XL 

“I have been in better shape,” said Hampton. “I think they are just not used to seeing me around and that is the thing. I am usually not here this time of year.”

Hampton has been one of my favorites since he joined the Steelers organization.  I was quite happy they gave him a contract extension back in February since any number of teams would have most certainly snatched him up.  Since he plays on the defensive line, you can imagine there aren't many cards of him out there.  After checking lists online, I think I was only able to find 94 that weren't 1 of 1's (I don't consider those to be cards, at least ones that are attainable).  I think I only have about 6 in my collection.

Hampton is also ready to get the team back on track.  When you are accustomed to the success level that Pittsburgh has had every year, missing the playoffs "doesn't sit well".

Unlicensed Steelers Team Playing Card

“You definitely come back with a chip,” said Hampton. “That’s not us not making the playoffs. That’s not acceptable. The veterans on this team and the young guys as well, we see it like that. When we don’t make it to the playoffs and the Super Bowl it’s always a disappointment. That’s something we can’t accept.”

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Denting some sets

I have made a few dents in some of my set needs thanks to quite a few generous people out there in the know who you are.

I want to thank everyone who has sent me the packages over the last month or so.  I wish I would have got off my duff and posted more trade posts about all the great things I have received and given credit where credit is due but for some reason, I just haven't been had the time for many posts outside of the norm.  Work, blah, blah, blah, family, blah, blah, blah, no've heard it all before so I won't bore you.

My 2009-10 Upper Deck Hockey set is now complete thanks to Nick (minus all the Young Guns, of course).  This is the second (or third) set he has completed for me and I am grateful.  I only needed 1 card so it was agonizing at best.  When I was at the card show a month or so ago, I checked two different tables that had commons and neither of them had this card.  That card I am speaking of...#373 Tomas Holmstrom.  I am going to have to get his package out real soon.

I have also put a hurting on all three of the O-Pee-Chee sets from the last three years with packages from Pack Addict, Trader Crack, and a host of other traders.  I think I have polished off about 15 2009-10 OPC, 50 2008-09 OPC, and another 50 or so 2009-10 OPC.   Thanks guys.  I have updated all my set need wantlists in case anyone else may have something.  I can't wait until I can polish these ones off for good.