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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Results

I bet everyone thought with a title like that, this would be some review of the Hawks/Sharks game.  Well it isn't.

Although I would like to say congratulations to the Blackhawks, their organization, and fans.  If there is any team left in this playoffs, they are certainly a team that deserves a win.  I just wish I could cheer for them.  I said wish.  Not gonna happen.  I'm pulling for the Habs.  If not for the fact that it would be a miracle, I am anxious to see if Montreal will burn to the ground in a fiery victory riot.

This post is about the Topps Million Card Giveaway and my attempt at trading away some of what I had in my inventory.  I had three polls up for a few days so that I could be steered in the right direction for trades.  It appears that the results are in and I am bound to what the readers have decided.

First up was the 1987 Kirby Puckett.  The mob has spoken and the verdict...Keep it.  Apparently the offers that were made were not good enough to sway anyone to trade this one away.  So, consider all Puckett trade offers DECLINED.

Next was the 1987 Mike Pagliarulo.  Now, this wasn't a very difficult decision to make but it was one of the only other cards that had multiple offers.  The unanimous decision was to deal this one for a 1986 Tom Seaver.  Consider it done.

Finally, we had a 1960 Bobby Thomson.  I had multiple trade offers for this one, including a trade for a 1958 Gino Cimoli with an invisible bat, that was very tempting.  However, I left it up to the readers and surprisingly, the final decision was to go with a different option.  Play At the Plate gave me another option by offering up three vintage Pirate cards including a team card.  How could I pass that up.

So off I went to make my trades.  Here was the result.

Server Error!!  I tried 8 times with the same result.  I even logged off and logged back in.  Same result.  I even opened IE instead of Firefox to see if that made a difference.  SAME RESULT!!  What a gipp!!

I will not sleep until I figure this out.  Okay maybe I will sleep, but I won't rest until I figure this out.  Well, actually I am resting, but I will not...well I will not do anymore trading until I figure this out.  Yeah, that's it.


I logged in this morning just to see if this thing was just acting freaky yesterday.  When I clicked on the Trade tab, there was nothing there.  So, of course, my first reaction is the whole thing went nuts but after checking my inventory, all the cards are mysteriously there.  Weird.


  1. The trade went through on my end! I hope you needed/like those Pirates. Thanks!

  2. You do realize Montreal may burn their city to the ground even if they don't win the series? They may burn it down just because it's monday.


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