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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's time for a little audience participation

Having not picked up any new 2010 Topps in quite awhile, I have not really had the need to log any codes into the transmogrifier to see what late 80s gems await me.  I have been on there once or twice since my last code entry but it seems that every time I arrive, the site is so bogged down that it takes 15 minutes just to load the homepage.

I have been reading numerous posts on blogs about trades that have been completed for various cards, and even a few "cashed in" tales, both positive and negative.  After reading Rob, from Voice of the Collector's bit on there about the misadventures of his favorite card, I was curious.  I decided to log in for once and see what the trading feature was all about.

Low and behold, I have 16 trade offers awaiting me.  My first thought was that I didn't think I had 16 cards to trade.  Upon inspection, I found this was the case (as I only have 11) but there were 3 cards in particular that everyone seemed interested in.  So here is my proposal...I am going to show my trade offers and let the masses (ie. all three people) decide which offer I should accept.  Just comment with what you think and the leading votes will win.  On Sunday, I will abide by whatever the readers decide.

First up, the 1987 Kirby Puckett.  1987?  Come on.  You can't be serious.  I though everyone out there had stockpiles of these.  Apparently not.   Here is what is being offered for trade:

1. 1985 Jerry Williard (Cleveland)
2. 1981 Jeff Newman (Oakland)
3. 2007 Derrick Turnbow (Milwaukee)
4. 1987 Bret Saberhagen (KC)
5. 2004 Clint Hurdle (Colorado)
6. 1985 Dan Driessen (Montreal)
7. 2005 Bobby Crosby (Oakland)

Now being of sound body and sound mind (debatable) I know when I am out of my league.  Being out of baseball for so long, I will admit that I haven't the faintest idea of who either Turnbow, Hurdle or Crosby are.  I used to be a fan of Bret Saberhagen back in the 80s and 90s when you used to be able to tell if it was an even or odd year based on his success (I think I also remember him spraying paint or acid or something on some reporters in the 90s.  My memory is a bit foggy).  The other idea.

Next Up, another 1987.  This time Mike Pagliarulo.  Pags played for the Yankees, Padres, Orioles, and won a World Series with the Twins.  Other than the series ring, he led the Yankees in home runs once in 87.  Not much else for me to talk about for Mike.  Here is what is being offered.
1. 1986 Tom Seaver
2. 1999 Matt Walbeck
Obviously I know who Tom Seaver is (he was Mike's brother on Growing Pains, right?).  But Walbeck? clue.

Finally we have probably the best card in my collection of TMCG cards (and oldest).  A 1960 Bobby Thomson.  Yes, the "Shot Heard Round the World" Bobby Thomson.  Now this isn't a premium card by any means and is probably not even in that great of a condition considering some of the other 60s era cards that have been delivered thus far.  For all I know, it may even have a now mid-50 somethings childhood doodling on the back.  Frankly, I have only kept it around this long because it was the oldest card I had pulled and let's face it, it is a cool looking piece of cardboard.  Here is what is being offered:
1. 1973 Bill Buckner (Dodgers)
2. 1962 Don Demeter (Phillies)
3. 1962 Joe Koppe (Angels)
4. 1958 Gino Cimoli (Dodgers)
5. 1970 Bob Tolan (Reds)
I was originally tempted by the Cimoli card because it is older and it has a picture of a guy batting with no bat in his hand.  I also thought about the Buckner card for the simple fact that Bill's legend will live on forever in infamy because of his gaffe in the 1986 World Series.  I always have had respect for athletes that have such a love for their game that they can play for what seems like forever (Bill played in games that spanned four decades). 

So there you have it.  So many choices, so little knowledge.  This really wouldn't have been a problem if some vintage Pirates were offered up for trade but to no avail.  And with that, I leave the voting up to the readers.  Leave a comment and vote for which cards I should trade for in each case.


  1. A couple of things.

    Any if those offers could expire at any time. They could expire or be accepted by someone else. If there are 45 1987 Pucketts, everyone who has a Puckett gets the same offer. If someone accepts one of the offers, it will disappear from your list of offers.

    I wouldn't take any of those offers for Puckett.
    I would take the Seaver Right NOW.
    I'm sending you an offer for the Thomson. 3 Vintage Pirates.

  2. take Seaver for Pags.... keep the other two

  3. 1) Keep the Puckett

    2) Take the Seaver

    3) Take Play at the Plate's offer above.

  4. Puckett


    Cimoli (or PATP)


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