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Monday, May 10, 2010

Random Steeler Card Monday

 2001 Bowman (Rookie)

With OTAs underway in the NFL, it is not a surprise to see many of the big name Steeler players actively participating.  On of those players is "Big Snack" Casey Hampton.  He has been hitting the weight rooms early and often according to 

“It’s just that time. I am getting older,” said Hampton, who is entering his 10th season. “I have to take better care of my body and be ready for the season. It’s that hunger of wanting to get back to the playoffs and get back to where we need to be. I need to lead by example and show young guys how it needs to be done.”

2006 Upper Deck Super Bowl XL 

“I have been in better shape,” said Hampton. “I think they are just not used to seeing me around and that is the thing. I am usually not here this time of year.”

Hampton has been one of my favorites since he joined the Steelers organization.  I was quite happy they gave him a contract extension back in February since any number of teams would have most certainly snatched him up.  Since he plays on the defensive line, you can imagine there aren't many cards of him out there.  After checking lists online, I think I was only able to find 94 that weren't 1 of 1's (I don't consider those to be cards, at least ones that are attainable).  I think I only have about 6 in my collection.

Hampton is also ready to get the team back on track.  When you are accustomed to the success level that Pittsburgh has had every year, missing the playoffs "doesn't sit well".

Unlicensed Steelers Team Playing Card

“You definitely come back with a chip,” said Hampton. “That’s not us not making the playoffs. That’s not acceptable. The veterans on this team and the young guys as well, we see it like that. When we don’t make it to the playoffs and the Super Bowl it’s always a disappointment. That’s something we can’t accept.”

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