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Monday, April 12, 2010

More from the Last Regular Season Game At Mellon

Here are more pictures from the last regular season game at Mellon Arena.  Most of these are of the inside before the game and during the ceremony at the beginning.  Over 50 members of the Penguins organization throughout their history were in attendance to celebrate that building.

Here is a shot from their seats.  There really wasn't a bad seat in the arena.  I remember having as much fun sitting on the glass as I did sitting in the last row by the roof line.  It was always a great night in Mellon.

Here is a great shot of the scoreboard hanging above center ice.  You may remember this scoreboard from such films as Sudden Death, starring Jean Claude Van Damme or more recently, She's Out of My League starring that dorky guy from the movie Knocked Up.  Not specific enough?  He was the really skinny one.

The ice got a little sick before the game.

The pre-game ceremony showed videos and images from the Penguins history and featured various players who have made an impact on the Pens organization.  I believe this is a shot of Syl Apps who was in attendance. 

Here is the video that played on the scoreboard.

The Pens logo at center ice.

I can't really tell who this one is but I think it's Crosby.

Here is a shot of some of the veterans as they lined up on the red carpet.  I wish there would have been more shots of this but that's ok.  I was able to record it as NHL network showed the whole thing.  Awesome!

Another shot of the red carpet event.

Jimerson in the house!!

--More later

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