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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Completely Random Ramblings

Since I don't have much time to post, I just thought I would let my mind wander in a random posting smorgasboard.

--So after going home last night from work, I did my normal routine as always.  Until I realized...there are no hockey games on for two days.  Oh, the humanity!!  Playoff hockey is here and I couldn't be more thrilled.  The NHL playoffs, in my opinion, are some of the best games played in any sport...period.  Go Pens!

--So if you believe all the rumors and innuendo (truth) about Upper Deck and their cancelling/postponing their release dates then you may be worried like I was.  When your primary collection is only produced by Upper Deck, you tend to get a bit nervous when the thought of no more product being produced comes to light.  Now, the latest is that UD is going to meet their hockey deadlines that have already been set.  Plus, I got this email this morning...

Congratulations DFG!

We shipped the following redemption(s):

RJ7WN67PJ 2009-10 Fleer Ultra Hockey Rookie Redemptions Tyler Bozak - #14 Gold

Please allow up to 10-14 business days for delivery. We hope you will enjoy your new collectible! For more information on Upper Deck products, please visit

Thank You,
The Upper Deck Company, LLC
So I guess that answers that question.  Although in 10-14 business days they could easily declare bankruptcy and disappear from the Nevada desert.  I'm just saying.

--Speaking of Upper Deck, I had sent in a damage claim to them in regards to my box of Champs I purchased at the Sun Times show a few weeks ago.  A couple of the packs that I opened had cards that appeared to be creased right across the top.  They were all in the same spot, too.  It almost looked like someone had taken a pack and tried to fold it.  At any rate, they responded to me after two weeks and said that I should mail the damaged cards back to them so they can either replace them or give me something of equivalent value.  I'm not really sure what "equivalent value" entails.  Anyone out there have any experience doing this?  I'd be interested in hearing any damage claim stories.

--The season is 7 games old and the Pirates are still under .500.  Is it time to crawl back into my baseball shell yet?  At least they have some base running capabilities.  They have 8 stolen bases so far and haven't gotten picked off.  That's more than we can say for the pitching staff, who keeps getting picked off.  As they pointed out on Yahoo Sports, "In an eerie coincidence, the Pirates’ ERA (7.47) through six games matched the model of airplane (747) they flew out of Phoenix for a three-game series against the Giants".  Go Bucs!

--There have been quite a few emails flying my way asking for commentary on the Sansmokio Holmes thing.  Frankly, I have none.  Am I heartbroken that he was traded?  No.  I am more upset that they gave him away for $24 in trinkets and some small pox infested blankets.  But nonetheless, I think it just goes to show that the Rooney family and the Steelers organization as a whole has no interest in dealing with his shenanigans.  The did the same thing with Plaxico Burress when he became a diva and now he wears stripes for the state pen team. 

As for our billion dollar pimp quarterback, that's another story.  I guess he isn't going to have charges pressed against him due to lack of evidence or something.  I'm no lawyer (but I play one on TV) but I do know a legal goldmine when I see it.  I'd trade my job to be on his legal team just to collect all the retainer fees.  If the league does nothing to reprimand him for his ill advised behavior, then the Steelers need to.  Sit him for a couple weeks with no pay and then move on.  That will teach Big Ben to keep Little Ben under wraps.  Go Steelers!

--I think I have more pics from the last regular season night in Mellon to post before all is said and done.


  1. remember another troubled WR got traded from Oakland to New England for a 4th, so a 5 for Holmes is fair value. (I guess)

    I'm more interested in the tiff between Bradshaw and Roethlesberger. It's getting good.

  2. oddly enough I received my Matt Duchense Fleer Ultra card in the mail last week, and received the email saying that it was shipping - today.


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