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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pack Break - - 2009 Topps National Chicle Football

While being bored out of my mind yesterday, I decided to go visit the People of Walmart after 10 PM. What a scary, scary place. Upon discovering they had nothing in the way of any packs or boxes for that matter, I proceeded to head to the local Target.

Topps National Chicle was sitting in the Power Pack box on the bottom shelf. This had to be a mistake, but low and behold, it wasn't. They were all marked to the $1.59 price. There were only 4 packs so I picked them up as faster than a fat guy in a buffet line. I have never really been a big fan of all the retro sets that have come out. I think at this point in the game, things are getting a bit stale.

The Topps National Chicle set features artist renderings of all the top NFL players. One thing that I found kind of different (although other sets may have this, it's a first for my collections) were the artist bio's on the backs. Each card features a different artist from around the country including well knowns such as Monty Sheldon, Paul Lempa, Brian Kong, and Chris Henderson among others.

I posted a single pack break over at A Pack To Be Named Later if anyone wants to see the distribution. I can actually say that I kind of like these and their companion mini cards as well. I'm not too excited about all the parallel cards and their different variations, but I can see myself putting together a base set if I can pick up some more. At any rate, I will let the cards speak for themselves. Here are some scans of what I pulled.


  1. I think I'll grab my Cowboys, and the Colts for the wife, but that's it for this set....
    not a fan....

  2. Vince Prygoski3/25/10, 1:04 PM

    Very nice! i saw some packs of these the other day, but am pretty broke til next week but then i think i may get a few packs. They really do look like the original 1935 National Chicles, albeit with todays players in modern uniforms.


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