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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ice Time: Red Wings vs. Blues

Boredom is an interesting thing. It makes you do things that are totally out of the ordinary sometimes. I was just sitting here finishing up watching the Wings/Blues game. Normally I wouldn't have bothered but I love watching teams beat Detroit. It's one of my favorite things. I can't figure out why.

Some random thoughts on this game.

--Detroit loses in a shoot out. The shoot out is such a ridiculous way to settle a game. It is sure a helluva lotta fun to watch though.

--I had an argument with the Mrs. about how fights in hockey are a part of the game. She thinks it is simply testosterone infused rage typical of the male disposition. I promptly showed her some women's hockey fight videos as well as a few of the kids. That shut her up.

--TJ Oshie is only 23 years old and is one of the best actors I have ever seen. I think he drew at least three penalties in this game.

--Chris Mason looked awesome in this game compared to his hideous performance last night when he was pulled. What a bounce-back performance.

--I didn't realize how many insert cards from the last two years I have of St. Louis Blues players. I lost count of all the Brad Boyes cards. Weird.

--The last 3 minutes of overtime were crazy with at least a dozen odd man rushes into each others end.

--Bill Patrick made a Spice Girls reference in the post-game report. Why do these guys suck so bad? Can't they find a studio team that is at least half palatable? I would even take Barry Freakin' Melrose over these guys. That's saying a lot since I would rather see him choke on his own vomit rather than hear his voice.

--Paul Kariya scored his 11th of the season. I didn't even know Paul was still playing. Seriously! I thought he quietly retired and went away.

I'm bored. Wait. Didn't I say that already? I want to break some packs. I have that feeling again. What's open 24 hours and sells cards? Maybe I will just go to bed early.

(Well it's official. I have hit 20 followers. The great and powerful NightOwl becomes the 20th follower to my blog and I couldn't be happier. NightOwl is a great blogosphere veteran, a seasoned trader, and a great all around guy. He is also an awesome writer. Anyone who hasn't checked out his blog, needs to right now. But I doubt there is anyone that hasn't. Thanks for signing up NightOwl. I appreciate the acknowledgment.)

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