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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ice Time: Isles vs. Pens

Another night of hockey!! Only this time it is a game I actually care to watch. The Pens are at home against the Islanders who haven't won in Mellon Arena in 9 games. I have yet to watch the great and powerful Tavares play live yet. This is going to be interesting.

Some random thoughts about the game.,..

--Tavares looks hungry most of the time. He follows through with all his plays and seems like he is all over the ice when he is out there. This kid will be real good if they get him a supporting cast.

--How good is Geno? Who paddleballs the puck over a defender, gets dragged down to the ice in the process, and still somehow gets a shot off? Evgeni Malkin, that's who.

--The Penguins have shootout drills and whoever loses has to grow a mustache for a month. This month's loser...Ruslan Fedotenko. My five year olds mustache is grown in more than Ruslan's.

--Guerin had a beautiful set up by Crosby and got robbed by Dwayne Roloson. If he would have scored it would have been highlight reel for sure. Instead, he got an awesome pass to Kunitz who froze Roloson for the third goal of the game.

--I think there have been more fights and hard hitting in this game than in the last game against the Capitals or the one a couple weeks ago vs. the Flyers. Surprising to me since the Isles have been somewhat of a non factor for the last few years.

--The Isles had 38 shots on goal and couldn't score on a 5 on 3. You can't expect to win that way.

Pens win 3-1!!!

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