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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

I Can't Believe It's Not Cardboard - Highlighting Other Personal Collectibles (Crosby Blade)

This is a different piece than some that I have in my collection because it's a non-game used hockey stick blade. But not just any stick blade mind you. This belonged (or so my research tells me) to none other than Pittsburgh Penguin and future Hall of Famer Sidney Crosby.

Back during Crosby's rookie campaign, he used Sher-Wood Momentum sticks and would frequently test out different blades to get the right feel. You can see on this one, there was a bit of tape on the blade at one point which leads me to believe it was either marked to be disposed of or it was used, at least temporarily. You'll notice the rest of the tape has been removed and judging by the condition of the logo on the reverse side, it was never fully taped. You can photo match the make, model, and style of the sticks and blades with most photos from the 2005-06 season or beginning of 2006-07. 

However, I do know that it wasn't used in a game because those get pulled and generally find their way elsewhere. Crosby is notoriously picky about his sticks and uses virtually no curve to the blade. The blade is also stamped with Crosby's name and is considerably scuffed, indicating it did get attached to a shaft at one point or another, most likely in a warm up, practice, or test run. 

Regardless, it's a cool piece I picked up at a show a few years back. It now resides above the doorway to the Card Garage and will one day be framed and mounted.  

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