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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Super Mario Brothers

No, not those mustachio'd fellows created by Nintendo.

These that I'm about to show.

I gave myself a Christmas present during the Black Friday card sales last year.  Most of the boxes I picked up were opened.  But there were three or four that I left in the shipping box.  Why?  I don't really know.  I think I was going to save them for some reason or another.  But after opening the one box of 2011-12 Parkhurst Champions and pulling this guy...the itch to open the other box I picked up has been strong.  Surely I wouldn't be lucky enough to get two Tier A autographs in back-to-back boxes, would I?

Well the urge finally overwhelmed me the other night and I had no choice but to tear the cellophane and dive in.  I will preface the rest by saying that I did not, in fact, find any other Tier A autos.  Let's get that out of the way first.  But I did get something special.

Let me start by showing the family of Mario cards that came out of this box.  I was intrigued when I realized all of these were in the same box.

2011-12 Parkhurst Champions Mario Lemieux base card (w/ horrible scan job)

2011-12 Parkhurst Champions Mario Lemieux B&W Renditions SP (w/ nice scan job)

2011-12 Parkhurst Champions Mario Lemieux Wire Photo (w/ eh, scan job)

 2011-12 Parkhurst Champions Mario Lemieux Mini SP (w/ beautiful scan job)

Oh, and I can't forget...the whole reason I made this post in the first place was to show off the other Mario that was in this box.  

Any guesses?


Well if you said it was a card that has the odds of falling about 1:2,560 packs, you guessed correctly.

Nestled away in one of the last packs was this beauty...

 2011-12 Parkhurst Champions Mario Lemieux Mini SP Parkhurst Back Variation 
(w/ crappy scan job on the back)

Now, I'm not one to brag but...who am I kidding?  Yes I am.

Things I've learned:

A) Never count out any box because of the perceived impossibility (improbability) of odds.
B) My scanner generally sucks and I hate it but I'm not keen on replacing it at the moment.
C) I now want more boxes of these.  I'm sick.

I don't really know what to do with all the duplicate base cards but I'm sure I can figure something out.  NO, you can't have this card.  But, does anyone need cards for this set?  Would anyone like an most of, if not an entire base set?  Let me know.


  1. I think we're all a little sick buddy!

    That's a great break, not only because it's Mario but because he's also a PC guy for you. I'm excited if I pull a single Toews card out of a box, couldn't imagine having one like that.

    I really want it like this Parkhurst set, just something about it that didn't connect with me. If I can find a box at the right price I may pull the trigger just for a chance at something awesome and some trade bait. See, we're all a little sick.

    1. The thing that I like the most about it, other than being a retro themed set, is the autos. You get 1-2 per box. Most boxes I opened have had 2 although this particular box only had 1. The best part, they are all on-card.

      Most of the SPs are tough pulls and the parallels make this kind of fun to put together, like Champ's has been. The wire photos were a great concept and I love the renditions cards. It's like the best of Champ's mixed with Masterpieces and a traditional Parkhurst set. It looks really nice in an album too. I'm a sucker for mini cards so that's another plus in my book.

      You can get these for about $55 now in most of the discount box sellers online. Others still have it up around the $80-90 range. At $55, I think it's a great product.


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