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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Recent Redemption Success

I post about redemptions quite often and usually it is to voice my disdain for the entire idea behind them.  But sometimes, there is a silver lining.

Recently I received a plethora of redemptions from both Upper Deck and Panini.  In fact, they all came in right about the same time, which seemed odd at first but who am I to question it.  I'm just glad they did.  My record of receiving redemption cards is still replacements, no unfulfilled requests.

First up is the card I probably waited the longest for.  I don't know why that is but I can only imagine it is because he was a hard guy to track down...

2012-13 Certified Freshman Fabrics Scott Glennie Rookie Jersey/Autograph /499

Requested 3-2-13.  Shipped 9-30-13.  212 Days (6 months, 2 days)

This was a redemption from a box of Certified that I picked up at some point along the line.  It was actually an extra "hit", if you can call it that, in the box.  It wasn't a Hot Box by any means but getting an extra auto or memorabilia card is always nice.  Why this took over 6 months to get, I will never know.

I am not really a Scott Glennie fan, at least yet.  He's been out since training camp and was just recently assigned to Texas to try and work his way back into a roster spot.  I wouldn't be surprised if we see him offered up in a trade package come deadline time.  If there are any Glennie fans or Stars fans out there that would like to lay claim to this card, have at it. 

 2012-13 Artifacts Rookie Jonathan Huberdeau /699

Requested 8-25-13.  Shipped 10-18-13.  54 days (1 month, 23 days)

This card led me to many sleepless nights because of the whole lock-out shortened season last year.  As everyone knows, many sets were cancelled due to the lock-out and the NHL rules on rookie placement in trading cards.  I received this Florida Panthers redemption last year in a box of Artifacts I purchased from my LCS and had been sitting on it for almost a year.  Why?  Because I didn't know if it was going to result in a Huberdeau card or Nick Bjugstad or Quinton Howden.  Not that those wouldn't be ok but come on?  It's Huberdeau...2013 Calder winner?  Yeah, that's what I thought.

Once I figured out what the final checklist would be, I imediately scratched the silver paint off the redemption and began my wait.  It was a short one as you can see and well worth it.  This card is awesome.

2012-13 Limited Monikers Silver Phil Kessel Autograph /49

Requested 8-25-13.  Shipped 10-17-13.  53 days (1 month, 22 days).

For the record, I'm not a Kessel fan although I do respect him as a player and what he has accomplished thus far in his career.  I'm also not a Boston fan and by nature, despise every inch of Earth that he walks on.   So why did I get this?  I bid on a bunch of auctions about 6 months ago that contained autograph cards.  They were all $.99 auctions with little time left and little viewings by users.  I figured if I could get a few of them, get combined shipping, it would be worth it.  Well, I won.

The card really isn't that blurry like it looks.  That's because the scanner didn't pick up the recessed fabric that Phil signed inside the card.  Like most of the other "shadowboxed" style cards, it is hard to get a clean scan.  I don't have another Kessel auto in my collection so I debated keeping this or throwing it up for sale.  If there are any Leafs fans or Kessel fans out there that would like to add this to their collection, let me know.

2012 Upper Deck Fleer Retro Dan Marino 1960 Fleer Autograph  No#

Requested 8-25-13.  Shipped 10-19-13.  55 days (1 month, 24 days).

Last but not least is my GEM of the lot.  I purchased a "blockbuster" deal that my LCS offered me some months ago that resulted in this card.  My LCS owner is one of those guys that will do anything to help out a loyal customer and it just so happens that I am one of those.  I have been going there for seven years or so and have built a good relationship with them.  So when I purchase a box or two, the "Have I got a deal for you" comments sometimes pop up.  Well, a box of 2012 Fleer Retro Football happened to be included in this one so I figured why not?

This is a special card to me because as a kid, I used to have a personalized autographed black and white 8x10 photo of Dan Marino when he played for Pitt.  It was given to me by a family friend that knew Dan's parents.  I received a copy and the family friends daughter also got a copy.  Both of them were personalized too.  Mine said "To Tim, Best Wishes.".  I'm almost positive he signed it "Danny", too.  But don't hold me to that because I was young and when you are young, you make things out to be whatever you want them to be.  Fast forward a bit...I have two younger brothers...that liked to break stuff...and ruin things...and get into trouble. Needless to say, that photo disappeared, never to be heard from again.

I always wanted to replace that photo and have tried and failed many times.  I have searched the countless purveyors of autographed merchandise, the auctions, and the card shows but never found that exact photo.  I don't know whether it was Marino who just didn't sign Pitt items or the fact that there weren't many out there.  The auto itself looks a little sloppy compared to what I remember him signing.  I looked at similar autos out there and realize that this seems to be his "in a hurry" auto.

Regardless, this was truly a major addition to my collection and I am excited to finally have a Marino auto back in my possession.


  1. I'd be interested in the Kessel. Let me know if there's anything of mine that you'd want for it.

    1. It's yours. I saw you posted that Matt Fratin Phenoms auto. Looks almost just like the Kessel. I will look around and see what you got. Hopefully it isn't too difficult since we collect the same thing. :)

  2. I'm a Stars fan, but I don't collect much of their stuff. I just wanted to comment and tell you that Marino is SWEET! Congrats.


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