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Friday, May 11, 2012

Box Break - - 2009-10 O-Pee-Chee Hobby Box

Yes, you have all seen these before.  I've even done a box break on here of one, blaster box that is.  I am still quite a few cards away from the complete set for 2009-10 so I thought another hobby box might help.  Plus, this stuff is getting dirt cheap now that we are a few years into the future.

I don't want to waste everyone's time with a long, drawn-out detailed write up since you can find them all over the place.  I will just take a few moments and highlight what came from this box.  Lot's of pictures to follow...

A hobby box is jam packed with cards.  There are 36 packs with 6 cards per pack.  Thats 216 cards for the math illiterate.  216 is a lot for a hobby box but you have to remember that this set is 600 cards with a dozen or so insert sets, plus parallels, and variation parallels.  So in the grand scheme of things, 216 isn't really that many cards.

Here is what I pulled:

Base Cards:   127

 Look!!  Brodeur is Tebowing years before it was popular.  So should it be really called Brodeuring?

Inserts:   19

9   Canadian Heroes; Kellar, Ouellette, Phillips, Sostorics, Ward, St-Pierre, St. Louis, Roy, Szabados

    3   Team Checklists; Blackhawks (Toews), Islanders (Streit), Blue Jackets (Nash)
    2   League Leaders; Carcillo (PIM), Thomas (GAA)

    1     In Action; Dany Heatley
    1   Trophy Winner; Ovechkin (Richard)

    1   Record Breaker; Iginla (Flames PT. Leader)
    1   All Star; Marian Hossa

    1   Canadian Heroes Foil; Mike Richards

    Rookie Cards:  9
    Galiardi, Weber, Quick, Caputi, Niemi, Vernace, Chorney, Van Der Gulik, Rechlicz

                                                                      Ohhh, look!!  I have a puck!

    Legends Cards:   9 
    Esposito, Kurri, Bouchard, Howell, O'Reilly, Bowman, Lindsay, Bucyk, Mikita

    Game Used:    1 
    Florida Panthers Team (Vokoun, Horton, Booth, Weiss; 5 colors)

     These are 1:144 packs

    Base Parallels:   

     You can't really tell but these are foil.  Lots of foil.

    Rookie/Legend Parallels:    1   Phil Oreskovic (Who? I'm not scanning this...)

    Retro Parallels:    36

    Retro Parallel Variations:    3
    Nikolai Zherdev, Jordin Tootoo, Justin Pogge

    More foil, please.

    Add 'em up and you get...3 cards short.  Hmmmm.  I bet this is one of those "Packs with a GU card are shorted, yada, yada, yada...".  It's ok.  I'm not hating over 3 cards.

    If you can get past the busy design and all the holo-foil on the inserts, this is a nice set, in my opinion.  I know there are a lot of you out there that don't like it for one reason or another.  Mostly, the gripe I hear is that the picture is overtaken by the framing.  That is true to some extent but not in the extreme way that this years set (2011-12) is.

    I think these are a great value now that we are under $40 per box, and under $30 in many cases.  If you are a set builder and are looking for a challenge, Upper Deck will meet that demand every year with, that sounded like an advertisement.  You can even pull autos in here, although they aren't very easy (1:216 packs) but I have pulled a few now and again (just not this time).  You will be disappointed if you pull a redemption auto.  They expired last September and Upper Deck is kind of picky on what they decide to honor after the fact.  You may get lucky though.

    Now that I have a chunk of the Retro cards, I may try and see how easy it would be to put this set together.  Although, I am privy to the prior years set.  2008-09 looked like the 1979-80 set which were awesome.  Unfortunately, the fall out with Topps and their trademark on the design forced Upper Deck to stop using exact copies.  These look like...well, I'm not really sure what they look like.  But they are cool nonetheless.

    UPDATE:  In case you were keeping score, the box gave me 16 cards that I needed toward the set completion.  Only 61 more to go.


    1. The OPC Materials cards look pretty sweet, too bad you got Florida.

    2. alright! it's about time someone started busting stuff on my wantlists! I mean..... uh.... it's great to see someone with a common interest. Yeah....

      oh yeah, I have a Billy Guerin 2001-02 Topps insert card for you if you need it. (It's the one modeled after the 71/72 set)

      1. Is he on Boston in that one? I think I have that but I'm not positive. I'll check your list since most of this box was doubles.

    3. You know, I never did finish putting this set together. I need one card--Scotty Bowman--and my set is complete. Keep that in mind if you ever get a double of Bowman


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