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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Topps Actually Came Through...So Far

We have all had our problems with redemption cards.  I think if you added up all the lost, missing, or unfulfilled card requests that have been talked about across the blogosphere, you would have enough to circumference the globe 7 times.  I have not been pervious to such issues either when a while back I received an interesting email from Topps.  Remember?  I posted about it before.  Of course you don't.

At any rate, a surprise awaited me when I arrived home from work.  Three little yellow shipping envelopes that we have all come to know and love.  Only these were different.  They were smaller, heavily taped, and addressed from a "Fulfillment Center".  This could only mean one thing...Upper Deck finally sent their redemption. 


It was Topps!!  Yes, that Topps.  The same company that said they were sorry they couldn't get to it in a timely fashion and that I should probably pick something else.  Why they were shipped in three separate envelopes was beyond me but, I digress.  They were finally shipping the redemption cards from the Gridiron Giveaway Rookie Of The Week promotion that was distributed through LCS's across the country.  If you didn't get in on any of these, you missed out.  Every week through the 2010 NFL season, shop owners could give out redemption cards for that week's star rookie with the purchase of any Topps product.  At least, that was the idea.

So here they are for your viewing pleasure.  The first three Rookies Of The Week redemption cards by Topps.

Week 1

 Week 2

Week 3

It looks like a bunch of people have already got them up on Ebay and there are a few closed auctions with prices all over the board.  It looks like the Sam Bradford is the big winner but the rest seem to be pulling a couple bucks or so. 

More to come later...if they decide to send them.

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