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Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Strange Gesture From An Unlikely Source

The person would be my wife.  This is the same woman that despises my collection, the idea of collecting, and the existence of sports players on cardboard.

Not too long ago, she began undertaking a project of rearranging the house and downsizing a bit.  We have had bookshelves and such that have been taking up space but their contents lacked one thing, books.  She obtained two larger wooden cabinets to store all the items that had overtaken the bookcases including her scrapbooking materials (don't get me started on how hypocritical this stuff is) and many of my card albums.  I now have a tall wooden cabinet for all my binders and have moved over many of my boxes of cards as well. 

That left an entire wall of space with nothing on it.  I really have stayed out of this whole thing because it isn't worth the conflict to speak up.  Frankly, I don't really care anyway.  I had to give up my small bar that was in the corner of the room (which was really a cheap Sauder china cabinet that I modified some years ago) but that was no big deal since the amount of drinking in the house has significantly decreased over the past 7 years (notice I said "in the house").  So when she asked me what I wanted to put along the wall, I really didn't have anything to say so I kept my mouth shut.

She came home from shopping with her mom with quite a few picture frames and some wall decals and other "home-y" type stuff.  There were also two larger framed items that I carried in from the car that were wrapped in a paper bag.  After bringing them in she told me to open them.  This is what was in side...

 Although mine isn't the same brand, you get the idea.  A 20 Card Display Frame - made of a composite wood on the framing with plastic and metal slots.  It comes pre-loaded with cards from the junk wax era in snaptight cases.  One of them had cards just like these.  The other one was filled with 1982 Fleer and Donruss.

In fact, there were two of them.  She was actually encouraging me to display some of my her house...where people can see it.  I didn't know what to say.  I was dumbfounded.  I still am.  In the back of my mind I think it might be a trap but either way, I now have two card frames that I need to fill.

So the question is, what do I put in here?  I have a few ideas but I wanted to poll the audience.


  1. I got one of these for christmas... i blogged about it, but am too lazy to look for the link. Since I am a huge football fan, and another present was getting my hand signed lithograph of the Doomsday Defence framed and matted, my wife suggested I feature those guys in the new card frame. So I've got 4 different cards of George Andrie, Bob Lilly, Jethro Pugh, and Larry Cole, along with a Dallas Team logo card in the middle. All cards are from 1964-1976....

    I think a Steel Curtain shrine would look just as amazing..... imo.

  2. I like your story, it is true that woman are hard to understand (you can't read their minds). Just be thankful and place the cards that matters to you. Keep it simple but contented.

  3. I have all 19 Topps Alan Trammell cards in one. The one blank spot will now hold a Tigers Logo sticker card. Good idea Canuck.

  4. I made a sort of shadowbox out of wood that holds up to 49 cards. I change the cards out from time to time. I've had all Ron Santo cards, all signed cards, cards from one set,etc. Right now it's filled with 42 of my favorites from 2006 Allen and Ginter. My wife allows me to have it on our living room wall, though I have to point out when I've changed the cards.

  5. A suggestion for one of the frames: rookie cards of Pittsburgh Penguins who were on the 1990-91 and 1991-92 squads. Lemieux, Jagr, Tocchet, Francis, Barrasso, Stevens, Coffey. They wouldn't all be in Pens uniforms, but it would make a pretty badass display.

  6. How about 20 Bip Roberts cards?

  7. It's a trick! She is hoping you will place your favorite cards in them so she will know exactly what cards to ask for in divorce proceedings. ;)


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