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Monday, February 15, 2010

Topps Million Card Giveaway

Footnote: (I know it's at the top but it's a footnote.) Night Owl beat me to this post but I'm posting it anyway. I already had it queued up to go.

Today is the day. The day everyone has been waiting for. The day that will live in infamy. The day all of us collector's try to crash the computer servers at Topps Headquarters.  Or at least it's supposed to be.  As of right now, it isn't even working.  More on that later.

That's right. The Million Card Giveaway goes live today. You can now log onto and redeem your codes for your 1987 Steve Sax cards and your 1985 Shane Mack USA Team cards. Don't forget all your 1988-1993 Topps cards that your Mom threw out. They will be included too.

I am sure after today there will be tons of posts about what people are getting. It will be interesting to see the mix. I will post my triumphs as well.

(As of right now the site still doesn't work.  There's a shock!!  It's 12:02)

(12:15 and still nothing...I'm going to bed)


  1. It's funny how excited we all are about this. We basically all expect junk cards yet we also remain on pins and needles. Topps definitely came up with a fun idea!

  2. 2:03 still nothing.

    (there is more than one card blogging night owl)

  3. 11:30 am here and still nothing...........

  4. It's 10:00 am PST still nothing


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