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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ice Time: Olympic Edition (Canada vs. Slovakia [Women's])


In the debut of Slovakia as a competition Olympic team, it was all Canada. And I mean ALL Canada. I know I am posting this a bit after the fact but I really had nothing to say while I was watching the game. It was a prime example of the point that I made in my last Ice Time post about European Women's Hockey teams. There is really no comparison to North American teams. With the exception of Sweden and maybe Finland, the rest of the European groups look far inferior in the playing abilities, on ice presence, and overall hockey acumen.

It was evident after the 7-0 lead going into the first intermission that this game was more about trying not to embaras the Slovakians rather than pad the score. I think the resulting 18 goals were simply an act of mercy because it could have been 50. Keep in mind that this was the same Slovakian team that annihilated the Bulgarian team 82-0 earlier last year when they had over 130 shots on goal. Last night they managed to put the puck on net only 9 times. I can only imagine the carnage if it was Canada vs. Bulgaria...100-0? 150-0? Who knows.

At the same time, the Canadians were at home against the Flyers. The game was on NHL network so I decided to flip between the two after Canada jumped out to their 8-0 lead in the 2nd. The Flyers stomped on the Habs 6-2 with Briere getting a hat-trick but that's not the point here. Everytime I would change the channel back to the Olympic game, the score was different. Either 1 goal or 2 goals but different nonetheless. That should tell you what kind of night it was for Canada's women's team.

Canada wins!!! 18-0


  1. I watched part of the Canada-Slovakia game last night, but only six minutes of it. It was obvious Canada was going to win in a rout. I can't believe Canada scored so many goals though. 18-0 is a ridiculous score for a hockey game. The commentators mentioned Slovakia won a game 82-0 against the Bulgarians. That's flat out insane!

  2. That's why I said it could have been 100-0 if it was Canada vs. Bulgaria.


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