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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Here's What I'm Thinking

Since there are so many of you in the break that seem to want to trade your random teams, I will give you all the rest of today to do so (let's say 2:00 PM cst until 8:00 AM cst tomorrow).  If you get something done, one person comment with the trade and the other reply with an acceptance.  That way I know it was mutual and I can keep track. 

I want to get this rolling but more to the point, I want to make sure everyone is content in their teams and enjoys this.

Here are some of the "trade offers" on the table in case you missed them...

1. Florida (Capt. Canuck) is available.
2. Jason only wants San Jose.  So obviously that only affects Wicked Ortega.
3. Sal is willing to dump any "HITS" he gets from the Wild for something in exchange, although I'm not sure anyone trading won't want the base cards too.
4. Kevin is willing to trade Edmonton for either Florida (Canuck) or Minnesota (Sal)
5. Casey would like to trade for any "Enforcers" that come out of the break.  Just a note to keep in your mind for the aftermath.
6. BA Benny offered up the Kings in trade.  (Casey offered him the Coyotes but I don't know if anything has happened yet).
7. Nashville is available in the holding tank.  Just ask me and it's done.
8. St. Louis is available in the holding tank.  Just ask me and it's done.

Trades completed:

1. Michael traded St. Louis back to the holding tank in exchange for the Tampa Bay Lightning last night.
2. BA Benny traded Los Angeles to Casey for the Phoenix Coyotes.


  1. I will trade Kings for Coyotes, done deal.

    In turn I will offer Coyotes up for trade if anybody is interested.

  2. I am offering the Edmonton Oilers to anybody but is only Canuck is willing to go for Florida. Sorry but I am taking the Wild off off the table. But if ANYBODY wants the EDMONTON OILERS give me your team and we will see.

    1. Oh, that's too bad. I was going to suggest one of those complicated, 3 way trades...

      Wild goes to Kevin
      Oilers go to Captain Canuck
      Panthers go to Sal

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Oh, and just to clarify, ALL of the Wild cards are for trade, not just the hits. Sorry for any confusion on the matter.

  4. What happened to putting faith in lady chance and just going with the break!

    The suspense will have to build for another day....what shall I do....Well I have some unopened packs of 1990 Score Hockey that will fill the void I guess....anyone up for some hits from there?

  5. See. You guys are killing me.

  6. I don't know what everyone else thinks, but I think this has been by far the most enjoyable The RDFGFEMSPSACGHBBE I have ever been in. I am actually hoping this turns into a bunch of spinoff breaks. There is clearly a market for these types of breaks and I for one am already addicted and believe I got my money's worth before a single pack has been cracked!

    Well done, you also proved that you don't need giveaways to get comments on your posts!

    1. Hahaha...actually not really! I think this is a good idea and most seem to be having fun with it. If it is too much work for you, maybe we can all take turns hosting one of these :)

  7. You should have your kids do the box breaks, Tim. Not because I'm some creepy guy who likes watching other peoples' kids open up packs of cards, but because your kids are hilarious. It see it unfolding like this...

    Boy who's name I forget: "I got a goalie."

    Other boy who's name I forget: "Dad, is this Gretzky?"

    Tim: "No, it isn't. That's [insert name of random Oiler here]."

    First boy: "How come I haven't gotten any Sidney Crosby cards yet, Dad?"

    Tim: "Because these cards are from before Crosby played in the NHL."

    Second Boy: "These cards are STUPID!"

    I could see the YouTube views numbering in the MILLIONS! Forget about that "Cat Jumping in a Box" video, this could be the next Internet Sensation.

    1. The funny part is that's probably exactly what would happen.

  8. I have to go with Dave on this, the action before any packs are opened is worth the price of admission alone.

    Coyotes still available for trade, I want to see how many trades I can make before the break starts.

  9. I think with what's been offered up, I'll hang on to the Ice Cats.

    If any other teams come available, I may still deal.

    If only to get Tim closer to a coronary.

    1. Thanks. I don't really need any help with that though.

  10. OKay Now I am saying if anybody doesn't want goalies because I would take them. I am a goalie myself and have been collecting them for awhile.


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