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Friday, June 15, 2012

New Tangradi's; Hooray!

I'm so far behind on posts.  I have about 2 dozen started, but none of them finished.

In the meantime, here are some new Tangradi's for the PC.  Inching closer and closer to my goal with every new acquisition.

I don't know if I already posted the UD Exclusives card or not but here it is again just in case.  I also finally got my hands on the Jeunes Lanceurs version.  I bid on this 4 times and lost.

The Luxury Suite Rookie was already in the collection but not this GOLD version.  These are serial numbered #/10.  I was 2 seconds away from another but lost.

Another addition to the Letter Marks goal.  I still can't believe the "T" was lost in the mail way back when.  These don't surface very often.  This is numbered #/50.

I'm pretty sure I posted this one before but here it is again.  It's a dual patch card of Tangradi and Alex Pechursky.  I have a couple other Pechursky autos too.  It always cracks me up to see his signature because it looks like it says Fleury Is 40.  This is numbered #/35.

I thought I had this one already but I didn't.  I have ones that are similar (the Debut Threads ones) but not this one.  It's an Auto/Patch numbered #/35. 

These are two minor releases by Choice 2010 and Choice 2012.  These are from the WBS Penguins team sets.  I have a couple more of these to obtain before I have all the AHL cards.

This is the SP Game Used Authentic Rookies numbered #/699.  These can also be found in the Spectrum version numbered #/10.  I will have one of those one day but until then, this will suffice.

This would be my fifth...?  Yeah, fifth I think, printing plate.  I was never a big fan of these but if I fancy myself a SUPER COLLECTOR, I have to have them on principle.  This is the black plate from the Artifacts set.

 Finally, here is his O-Pee-Chee rookie Retro Rainbow Parallel numbered #/100.  I can't tell you how many of these that slipped through my fingers either.  I'm just glad someone had a BIN for a reasonable price.  Apparently I'm not the only Tangradi collector out there.


  1. Fantastic additions! Love the plate.

  2. My favourite would have to be the Letter Marks. Great additions, you truly are a super collector!

  3. That is crazy how much Pechursky's auto looks like the word Fleury. :)


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