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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Shipping Quandary

I have shipped many a package to the four corners of the Earth.  But one country that I can never figure out is CANADA. 

What is the deal up there?  How is it that I can ship things up there and they get to their destination within 10 days while other items take over a month?  The same goes for receiving items.  I guess I have had record luck lately with Canadian packages arriving within 5-7 days from when they were shipped.  I think I received at least 8 different packages within the last 30 days all in a short amount of time from the moment they were marked shipped.

But yet, I now have Canadian Ebay sellers advertising $2-3 shipping in their auctions but then demanding $18-24 for shipping/handling/insurance/tracking blah blah blah, if auctions are over $50.  The claim is that it is now required.  Required?  By who?  The Post Office?  Postes Canada?  Certainly not by me.  I haven't read Ebay's policy on shipping with a fine tooth comb either, so maybe it's in there.  Sometimes I don't mind paying extra as long as I know I'm getting the product quicker.  But the worst part of this whole thing is taking 25 days + to get the items here.  25 DAYS OR MORE!!!  I just don't get it. 

Would anyone out there like to help me quell this deep feeling of anger and frustration?  Maybe some of our Canadian friends?  Anyone at all.


  1. the ebay thing is the same as U.S sellers wanting upwards of $45 to ship a card here. Because of ebays rules about refunding the buyer due to a bad seller, the sellers are now sending everything over $50, insured, tracked, and signature required.
    It's not an ebay rule, and it's not required. They just don't want to lose any money when the package goes missing. It's all a bunch of bullcrap.

    as for the time difference.... who knows? Nobody will ever figure that out.

  2. Canada Post did do some goofy things with package rates. If you can send something out in an envelope or bubble mailer, it's the same couple bucks it always was. Get into the category of a package (even an overstuffed bubble mailer) and suddenly it's $15 and has delivery confirmation, etc. I noticed this last Christmas. Possible that there's a cash threshold as well.

  3. Most of the times I don't think its Canada Post that holds things up, I think it's going through Customs.

  4. My COMC deliveries to me in Canada usually take very close to a month
    from shipping date but everyone else usually 3 weeks max.

  5. I can mail something to my parents and it will take 3 days. At the same time, they can mail something the same day and it will take 7 days.

    Someone is drinking at the switch or something. Maybe Ace Venture is a mail carrier somewhere in Canada.


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