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Thursday, April 26, 2012

WIth The First Pick In The 2012 NFL Draft, The Steelers Choose...

This guy...

David DeCastro, Offensive Guard out of Stanford.  

Am I happy with this pick....You better believe it!!  I have waited years to see the Steelers actually get a first round pick for a needed position.  DeCastro has an opportunity to come into camp and challenge right out of the gate for the starting job.  As soon as he was drafted, Mike Mayock's comment went something like this..."He's a natural Pittsburgh Steeler. He's a plug-and-play guard....this kid fits in Pittsburgh."  There isn't much else to say about that because I agree 100%
I didn't watch him at all since I rarely watch college football but I have seen film of him in the last few months when it became apparent that the Steelers were going for an O-lineman.  They guy is a technician on the field and plays his position perfectly.  What stood out to my was his ability to drive his opponent back, as well as shift them at will in whatever direction he wanted.  Despite being a big man, he seems light on his feet and very athletic.  
I'm not an analyst so I couldn't really find his weaknesses.  The so-called "experts" seem to think he has problems finishing off blocks downfield in the run game.  They think he has lazy footwork at times which causes him to fall off and become disengaged with his opponent. If that's all they got against him, I'll still take it.  

There are a few of DeCastro's cards so far for this year.  I have none of them, nor will I anytime soon.  I checked one of the red Leaf autos on the Bay right as the Steelers picked him.  It was $.99 with still 2 days left.  Within 10 minutes, it had 7 bids and is now over $10.  Sometimes I don't like the information age and the easy access to technology.

I can't wait to see what we have up our sleeves though for the next few rounds.

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