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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

6 Random Things On My Desk

My desk is a mess.  There are cards all over it that have not been sorted or put away.  There are piles I have been saving for other collectors.  There are Ebay purchases.  There are auction items.  There are set fillers.  There are autos, game used cards, inserts, PC items, oddball things, non-card sports stuff, is just a disaster area. 

Here is a random post of 6 things on my desk for no particular reason.

2011 Press Pass Blaine Gabbert (Banner Season) Refectors #81 - - "One of the most successful quarterbacks ever to don a Missouri jersey, the talented Gabbert claimed 18 wins during his two years as a starting quarterback for the Tigers.  Included in that number were the 10 he ehlmed in the 2010 season, marking just the fourth 10-2 win season in 120 years of the school's football history."  I don't know where this came from.  It's just in a stack of football to be filed away. 

2011-12 Crown Royale Nicklas Lidstrom #33 - - "The veteran blueliner is still a ways from catching Steve Yzerman for second on Detroit's career list for power-play goals (202), but it's never wise to discount the ageless wonder.  Lidstrom put away his first power-play goal of 2011-12 vs. Columbus on Oct. 21, pushing his lifetime total to 129."  This was pulled from a Hobby Box of Crown Royale earlier this year. 

2003-04 In The Game Be A Player Memorabilia Series Game-Used Stick & Jersey #SJ-11 - - This is a card for my Billy G. PC.  I pulled this off the Bay not too long ago for a steal.  You don't see these very often so when you do, the best time to buy is NOW!  The sweater piece is from a Dallas Stars jersey and a piece of his stick.   Guerin used Easton sticks and the piece on here looks like it comes from the bottom of the shaft near the blade where there is a yellow starburst that says "CARBON".  I think that's the "R".  Years ago, he used Vic sticks but by the time he got to Boston he was using the Eastons.

2008 Upper Deck Football Heroes Billy Sims #206 Serial #/75 - - "The first overall pick in the 1980 draft, Sims was a Po Bowl participant in each of his first three seasons with the Lions.  His rookie campaign was a huge success as the Heisman Trophy winner from Oklahoma gained 1,303 yards on the ground and caught another 51 passes for 621 yards as Detroit improved from two wins the previous season to nine victories and a second-place finish in the NFC Central."  This came from a Retail Box of 2008 UD Football Heroes that I got quite a while ago, also from Meijer.  These have been sitting here for a long time.  The rest of the cards from that box break are on the desk too.  I think this is some kind of colored parallel.  I'm not sure if they call it Brown or Bronze.

2012 Topps Chrome Mickey Mantle #MBC1 - - "In at least two categories - switch - hitting prowess and sheer fan appeal - Mickey's career stacks up with that of any player.  Architect of some of the longest home runs in Baseball history, the revered hero blasted 536 plus a record 18 more in World Series play.  Mantle's plaque in Monument Park at Yankee Stadium reads "A Great Teammate" and "A magnificent Yankee who left a legacy of unequaled courage"."  I'm pretty sure by now every baseball collector in America has at least one of these.  Maybe even a dozen.  They come from those Topps Value Boxes found in Retail Stores with five packs of regular Topps and two packs of Heritage.  These are randomly thrown , one per box and include the Mick here, as well as Willie Mays and Ken Griffey Jr.  Some say they are Refractors but even though they look like it, no where on the card does it allude to that fact.

2012 Topps Golden Greats Nolan Ryan #GG-8 - - The card says "Express," Meet "Train" and is dated April 27, 1983.  "By the end of 1982, both Ryan and Steve Carlton were closing in on Walter Johnson's all-time strikeout record.  Nolan got there first during a masterful outing against the Expos the following year.  He caught Brad Mills looking in the bottom of the eighth for his 3,509th career whiff.  That inning would be his last, as the bullpen finished off a 4-2 Astros win."  This obviously came from this years Topps flagship baseball set.  I still haven't decided if I want to keep these and collect them along with the rest of the set considering there are so many.  This one is a double though.

If any reader wants any of these (except the Guerin), let me know.  My set needs and what I collect can be found on the right side of the page.

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  1. Awwww, damn.

    I guess I missed out on a Billy G steal.

    Glad I am not as fanatical as you are as the bidding wars could have been expensive!

    Love that card.


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