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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Ebay PC Pickup...Is NEAT!

I'm still 80% committed to keeping this Tangradi collection going...especially if I end up winning some auctions that I am currently bidding on.  I'm obviously not the only ET collector because my luck has been less than stellar.  So for lack of anything else relevant or important to say, I will leave you with this little guy I just received in a nice, half-cut, brown padded envelope. 


  1. is this the card i can win in your contest?

  2. Boy, Captain, you just don't give up, do you?

  3. That is one nice looking patch!

  4. Nice card; a auto / patch combo is always a nice addition to any player collection. Congrats

  5. If I win two of the smaller contests can I trade up for a medium prize?

    Love the patch, but the auto leaves a little to be desired. And I hope the designs for SP Authentic and The Cup aren't so similar this year.

  6. There is no mistaking that auto, though. If you look on my Tangradi PC page, you can see he signs that same scribble mess on everything. At least he is consistent at something (certainly not playing hockey).


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