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Monday, April 2, 2012


Just a quick observation totally unrelated to anything...

I was just noticing on other collector blogs how despite the content, photos, etc. on a blog post, most people get between 3-5 comments each time they send something.  If you are me, it's usually less.  But overall, the average is probably somewhere in that range.

But you offer up a contest???....And the dam breaks. 

Instantly your comment count increases 15-20.  Make it a FREE contest and that number immediately goes to near 50 or more.

The moral of this story...CARD COLLECTORS LIKE FREE STUFF!!


  1. I'm in! Thanks for the contest!!!


  2. True story! I think people read a LOT of blogs but comment very rarely. Or at least that's what I hope seeing as how few comments I get on much of my stuff!

  3. 3-5. I wish! My crappy not worth making comments on blog:

  4. I go in cycles. Sometimes, I'll read through and make 25-30 comments on blogs, sometimes I'm pressed for time and I'll mostly just read. I used to be obsessed with numbers...hits, comments, followers. Now I check my hits about once a week or so and if I'm getting hits and not many comments, at least I know people are reading. I know Nachos Grande was having a problem that got fixed. He lost a lot of views. That has nothing to do with your post, but I saw he commented and thought it was worth mentioning.

    1. I couldn't say it better myself...glad I'm not the only one thinking this...

  5. When I first began reading card blogs and then started my own, I really wanted to comment on as many posts as possible. Even if it was just a sentence to show that I was reading. As time goes on, though, I find myself commenting less and less; not because I'm not reading (because I read every post in my feed), but because I'm lazy or just don't have the time.

    Comments are nice, but I understand why they appear few and far between. Readership is all I care about.

    Speaking of contests, though, I think I am going to host my (now) 2nd Annual NHL Playoff Contest. Stay tuned!

  6. Great point Tim. Many of the people commenting are usually the same ones which in some respects makes our community a little tighter but at the same time, I would guess for each comment there were probably 40-50 that didn't comment.

    Casey, I am stoked for the pool!

  7. I don't get near the # of comments on my toy related blog as compared to my trading card blog. It's hard to figure out what people like and like to read. While I love comments and hearing what people think about the topic at hand I've posted, I don't get too wrapped up in the numbers anymore.

  8. I wasn't expecting all the comments regarding...well,comments. Interesting points made by everyone, though. I promise I wasn't trying to start a deep philosophical discussion over whether blog commenting was important or not. I was only kind of thinking out loud about all the contest posts that I have seen over the last few years and that most bloggers get only a few comments per post until "an offer we can't refuse" is made. But I guess in the end, I know I'm not the only one that shares the same observations.


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