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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Calling All Bloggers/Traders/Collectors...Are These Your Cards?

Let me open this post by saying...  
There, doesn't everyone feel better now?  It's out there in the open and I feel like the weight of the world is off my shoulders.  Or, at least I should.  But, I don't because this really bothers me and brings unwelcome stress into my life, which it shouldn't because it's a hobby for Christ-sake.

So as I was hanging some clothes in my closet, I took a moment to look at the three shelves on the top that have become overrun with cards, boxes, binders, etc.  Upon further review, I found 7 or 8 200-count boxes with various piles of cards in sleeves, team bags and just loose in the box.  As I began to go through them, I realized that these were not my cards.  These were the "lost" cards.

"Lost" cards are the ones that you thought you got rid of but really didn't.  They could have been sold, traded away, thrown out by your mom/grandmother/nurse/maid/nanny/spouse/undertaker, or given to someone as a gift.  But whatever the case may be, they were, in your mind, no longer in your possession.  It is one of those overly cliche "out of sight, out of mind" scenarios where I thought I had sent these to their rightful owners but alas, I was only fooling myself into thinking I wasn't a worthless collector who pretends to trade only to turn around and hoard things for himself.  No more, I say.  Today is the day to remedy the situation (or in the next few days, whichever comes first).

But, if any of you still read this here blog thingy, I need your help.  I am having some problems identifying some of these piles of cards.  Doesn't a step to admitting you have a problem involve listing your issues?  Shall I run down the list of what I found?  Sure, why not?  It might be therapeutic.

1. Two stacks of Dallas Cowboys
2. A pile of 2010-11 UD Victory Cards
3. A full 200-count box of Boston Red Sox cards
4. A stack of Toronto Blue Jays
5. A stack of Colorado Rockies
6. A pile of UD Champs hockey from last year
7. A mixed pile of ARod, Jeter, and those annoying Mickey Mantle Topps cards
8. Some various football related cards that make no sense and have no rhyme or reason
9. A pile of OPC Retro cards
10. A tin full of Tampa Bay Lightning cards
11. A mixed stack of 2010 Topps Series II baseball 
12. A mixed stack of 2010 Bowman Chrome from 2010 Bowman baseball

Now, I have already identified the rightful owners of 1, 2, 5, 8, 9, and 10 (1, 2, & 5 should hit the PO tomorrow barring a natural disaster, death, or sudden onslaught of hyper-slothiness).  As for the rest, I am getting to them I swear.

So you are probably by now asking yourself, "Self?  How can I help this troubled blogger?"  That answer, my friends, is simple.  If you think I may have been holding on to either 4, 3, 6, 7, 11 or 12 for you, please let me know.  I try to keep everyone on a pending list until either I send their goodies or I receive something back just to keep score.  Sometimes, which this is obviously one of those times, I remove them prematurely.  I believe that #3 and #12 is in fact a collation of 2 possibly 3 different collectors. 

I am also failing to locate 3 other piles of stuff that I thought I was setting aside, wasn't sure if I sent out to people, but never crossed them off my "pending trade" list.  I believe all of the parties involved with those shenanigans on my part have received emails from me.

So in the best interest of the hobby, the spirit of trading, and my sanity, I am hereby ceasing all trading (not that anyone would notice since I suck at it anyway) until I can resolve these issues, refocus my collection, and reorganize a bit so I have an idea of what I have.  The blog isn't going anywhere, nor am I.  I just want to be fair to everyone I promised stuff to and haven't delivered.  God forbid my actions thus far cause me to begin to become misconstrued as a "fake" blogger and a front to something shady going on.  We wouldn't want that, now would we?

Ready?....Set?.....Start claiming your property!!

(PS. I have had 43 Pageviews (whatever that means) from Luxembourg.  I didn't know there were even 43 people in Luxembourg.  Neat.)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cards Off the Grid

I read a lot of sports and collecting blogs. 

A lot. 

No, I don't think you understand...A LOT!!! 

Most of what I read are the random musings of most of the "common" community that we are all somewhat familiar with.  Occasionally, I will find a link, to a link, to a link that leads me down a path I have never traveled and I find a fresh view on something I have yet to experience.  In these rare instances, the entertainment value generally comes from the fact that I get a viewpoint that I haven't experienced.  I may not always agree with the author's vantage point on a subject but it is refreshing nonetheless to read something different.

This morning, during my daily blog "rolling", I happened upon one of those links to a link to a link.  This time, it took me off the proverbial card collecting grid to a site that I really know nothing about. appears to be pretty popular website that generates traffic from all over the place.  I had heard of this site before but never ventured there on my own and until this morning, knew nothing about it.  It appears to me to be an all encompassing "news" magazine style site that focuses on popular culture, fashion, and politics.  So why am I here for baseball cards?

Apparently Salon offers a bloggers hosting section and Penn Collins took to his keyboard and penned an article entitled "2000 Words On Why Your Baseball Card Collection Is Worthless".  Sounds very positive and upbeat, doesn't it?  Well much to your surprise, it isn't.  The majority of the time is spent retelling of how he came to acquire his collection during the mid 80s and then came to part with it after the mid 90s.  Typical story that we have all heard before however, this seems to be coming from an angle of hatred and resentment toward a hobby that he chose to abandon.  I can appreciate a whirlwind of opinions from all walks of life, which is one of the reasons why I read so many blogs.  The only problem I have here is this author seems disinterested in the hobby itself and the culture that surrounds it, and more interested in bashing the industry and anyone who participates in it simply because he failed to pay for his college education with his collection.

My only problem now is that I can't tell if this is a serious focus on his failed experience with our hobby or if this is supposed to be humorous.  I'd advise everyone to give it a read and see what you think.  Is there anyone that shares the same opinion as I do on this one?  Just to give you a preview, the final line of his little diatribe goes "Hope you enjoyed the journey, 'cause the destination sucks". 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week 1: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Atlanta Falcons...Recap

Can you smell it?  Smells like football!!  We are finally back to a point in the year where the doldrums of summertime sports dullness (yeah that's a word) subside and the NFL football season gets underway.  Of course I am a big fantasy football player and participate in a number of leagues so I take an interest in almost every game on the schedule.  However, the only games that matter are the ones that involve the black and gold.

Week 1's opponent was the Atlanta Falcons and it took an extra stanza to get the job done.  Both teams rely heavily on the running game to guide them to victory and this was going to prove to be a smash-mouth style game.  All I can say after this one is, Ben who?

Rashard Mendenhall was the big hero in this one with his 50 yard TD run in overtime to propel the Steelers to a 1-0 start for the season.  Mendy had 22 carries for 120 yards and the only TD of the game for either team.  Ward also put up 108 of his own for his 26th career 100 yard game.  As for Double D, he was alright but appeared pretty wobbly at times.  He only had one completion over 50 yards and that was to Mike Wallace and was a beauty.  He finished 18 of 26 for 236 yards with an interception and had several other potential sure picks that were dropped.  Obviously this isn't enough to win every week but it was enough today and he didn't play bad enough to lose.

As for the Steelers defense...THE BEASTS ARE BACK!!  The Defense has bounced back in my opinion from the lackluster performance last year.  The Falcons have a fairly balanced offensive attack and the Steelers were able to counteract most of what they saw.  As for Troy, 4 tackles, an assist and a pick at a critical point in the game to set up a Jeff Reed field goal for the win (he Norwood'ed it though).

Despite my initial concerns for my team, if the Steelers can hold on and play like this for a few more weeks, relying on the running game (Steeler Football) and some aggressive, shut-down defense, I think everything will be fine.