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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Funny thing happened on the way home

I have checked 7 different stores over the last two days for any signs of more Bowman or Topps Series II.  Nothing...Not even one pack...

I have yet to see Series II anywhere, and I think I have pretty much cleaned out most of the Bowman everywhere I have gone.  In a last ditch effort, I stopped by the Meijer that I pass on the way home.  Shockingly, they had 4 jumbo rack packs of Bowman.  Had being the operative word because now they have none. 

I bet you all can guess what happens next...

Pack #1 yielded this and a bunch of other cards that I didn't really see because, well, it yielded this.  This is my second base card.  The third pack of the retail box I found a week or so ago had my first one in it.  Just holding it somehow makes you feel so powerful.

And Pack #4 gave me this...
It's not a variation, just the base Chrome.  That's alright though because other than the case breakers out there, these don't seem to be popping up with all that much frequency.  I wish the scanner could do Chrome cards justice.  It seems like it picks up every spec of dust and magnifies it 100X's. 

Now to decide if it is worth keeping or trying to dump.  I haven't seen most auctions for this one over $50.  There was one a few weeks ago that went for over $70 but it was only one and the big chase now seems to be focused on all the colored parallel variation cards.  Does that mean it is cooling off already?

Who knows?  Maybe I will keep it.  I need to think.


  1. Dude, nice find! I'd sell it. Think of all the Steelers and Penguins cards you could get with 50 bucks...

  2. I guess it makes sense to sell the card, wait for the hype to die down, and then repurchase the card when it's no longer at the inflated rate.

  3. Flip it! With the monies you make from it you buy even more Bowman and maybe grab a colored parallel...and on and on...

  4. His cards will never be as high as they are right now. Sell it.


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