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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Curse of the Hossa is Broken

Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks for bringing home their first cup in almost a half century.  It took an extra period of overtime to finally put away those pesky Flyers.  The craziest part about the end of this one was the fact that no one knew it was over except Patrick Kane who actually scored the goal.  It went right through Leighton's legs from a sharp angle and stuck under the mesh fringe in the side of the net.  The refs didn't signal goal, nor did the light come on. 

After review, it was clearly in the net and in typical "Philly phasion", the boos rained down as the Hawks began to celebrate.  They boo'd Bettman too which I didn't mind so much.  Jonathan Toews was awarded the Conn Smythe, for playoff MVP.  Kind of a surprise to me since I think there were a few other players on the Hawks a bit more deserving but he is the captain.  At 22 years old, he has shown leadership and poise that the Hawks have been lacking for many years.  He definitely deserves some credit.

I feel so much better now knowing the Flyers don't get any hardware.  It's a peaceful feeling really.  I'm not a Hawks fan, nor will I pretend to be like the 75 people running up and down my street right now as I type, shooting off fireworks and blowing air horns (isn't there a noise ordinance?).  I am just content to know that one of my teams' bitter rivals is going home empty handed.  Not to take anything away from Chicago, though.  They played tough and hung in there with everything Philly had for them.  While Niemi has certainly not been stellar, he made the saves when he needed to.

Again, Congrats to the Hawks, their fans, and their organization.  Victory is certainly sweet.



  2. Very odd ending to the game. I was at a bar that was packed to the gills with fans both old and new. When Kane shot the puck there was an intial half-cheer..silence..worry that the Flyers were breaking the other way..and then madness when everyone realized it was goal.

    I was doused with beer (mmm PBR yummm) and my roommated got a bucket of ice water dumped on him. Chelsea Dagger played for about 4 hours straight - love the Fratellis, but will be glad to not hear that song for awhile.

    Toews was really good in the opening rounds - kind of quiet in the Finals. I thought Niemi should have gotten it, but hey I don't get a vote so who knows.

    Glad for the true Blackhawk fans, several mid 30's guys had tears in their eyes at the bar and happy for the bandwagon fans hope they stick around for next season.

    Here's hoping the Bolts raise the cup next year. Three cheers for Guy Boucher!

  3. I have seen teams win the Cup on the road before but I can't quite remember one getting booed like that during the passing around of the Cup.

    I was talking to a friend and referred to the "unclassy Philly fans" and he said that was a redundant phrase.

  4. Just another example of their class act.


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