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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More like, Out To Lunch

There isn't much to say about the Pens performance in game 7 against Montreal.  They didn't show up.  They didn't perform.  They didn't even play.  There was a five minute spurt of energy that was spent furiously shooting the puck on net and somehow got them 2 goals but that was it. 

From the opening faceoff, they were doomed.  Crosby goes into the box ten seconds into the game.  Montreal scores twenty seconds later to make it 1-0 and that was the end.  The Pens were outscored, outplayed, and outclassed by the men from the north.  You can't expect to win when your top two scorers combine for 2 goals in the series.  2 goals.  That's total between them both, mind you.

Halak was a beast in the net like he has been all series.  Makes me wonder whatever happened to Carey Price, the supposed second coming of Patrick Roy.  I know he is the backup and all but I think his days are numbered.  Canadiens fans have a short memory and have every right to now that Halak has proven he can play against the best.

Congrats to the Canadiens for not only knocking off the President's Trophy winners in 7 games but now the defending Stanley Cup Champions.  If anyone deserves to win the cup at this point, it most certainly should go to Montreal.  I just hope the fans don't riot in the streets like they have a habit of doing, win or lose.  There is still a lot of hockey to be played.  Unfortunately, none that I have a vested interest in.

At least now I have another "Bad Day" to add to my list.

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  1. I might be joining you in the bad day department soon enough, being a B's fan and all.


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