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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Well wasn't that just a kick in the nuts

Not much to talk about here.  I thought the Pens played a pretty uninspired game of hockey and really went out there with indifference and a general malaise that made me think they all had the flu.  Fleury got pulled after allowing 3 goals, 2 of which should have been stopped.  Johnson wasn't much better, giving up 2 more. 

Ovechkin gets two goals and is inching closer to another Rocket Richard Trophy.  Crosby scored one and had assists on the other two Pens goals.  Leopold got his second and third as a Penguin.  He gets my star of the game, the rest of you can go to your rooms and think about what you did.

The Devils won their game against Atlanta (surprise, surprise...) and Fatty, I mean Marty Brodeur got his 600th career win.  In all seriousness, that is a feat that no other goaltender in NHL history has achieved so congratulations to you Mr. Brodeur.

Other than that, I am pretty disappointed.  After having that game hyped up beyond belief, it was a let down.  Nothing else describes how I feel at this moment other than...

The Rangers lost and Philly won, making it a bit rough on NY's chances of getting that 8th spot.  With the loss to New Jersey, Atlanta is mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.  The Sabres also won putting them into a solid #3 spot.  The Pens still need another game in the books to get at least home ice in the first round.  I hope there is a chance we can meet the Caps again very soon.

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