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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ice Time Pregame: Caps vs. Pens

Notice how they refuse to look each other in the eye...INTENSE!!

This is a matchup with some major playoff implications if not bragging rights momentum going into the playoffs.  The Caps travel to Mellon Arena for the second to last regular season game at that stadium.  The Pens are looking to pull as many points out of the last four games as possible to get out of the tie with New Jersey.  1 win and they have home ice for the first round.  If they can win out and Jersey stumbles, we would have the #2 spot in the East, barring the surging Sabres. 

The Caps have already sealed up the President's Trophy, their division, and the #1 seed in the East.  Not much to play for but that doesn't mean they are going to roll over.  They sat Mike Green in their last game because they will need their Norris Trophy candidate down the stretch.  I wouldn't be surprised if some other key elements of their game get parked for longer periods of time tonight either.

For any non-hockey fans tired of having Crosby/Ovechkin shoved down your throat...too bad because this is what it is all about.  The Pens have thus far been unable to get a victory in the previous three meetings with Washington this year, but not without putting up a fight.  Everytime these two meet, it seems like everyone is on their 'A' game.  I don't think tonight will be any different as the Pens try to get one last victory over Washington at Mellon Arena.  Expect to see lots of intensity and emotion and some great hockey.

That isn't the only game tonight, though.  There are 11 games on the docket total for this evening and all but maybe two have playoff implications.  It is going to be a great night for hockey.


  1. Yeah, the rivalry between the two seems pointlessly hyped this late in the season with the playoffs so close. I think I'm at the point where I just want to see the final seedings now to be able to make some sort of predictions about the first round matchups.

  2. about your comment about them not looking each other in the eye...
    Ovechkin is looking right at Cindys face while Cindy is looking down towards Ovie's chest.

    Who is afraid of who?

  3. Actually he is looking right past the left side of his face to whatever shiny thing caught his eye. But apparently my half lighthearted attempt at contradictory humor lost its effect.


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