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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cards From the Night Owl (Part 3)

(Somehow I inadvertently posted part 4 before part 3 last night.  That's what lack of sleep gets you I guess.)

Finally, we are onto the baseball portion of our show.  I am really starting to get fired up over putting together this Pirates collection.  I am especially enjoying the older stuff that I used to have as a kid, circa 1984-1989.  Plus they are really looking good in the binder I have for them and it makes it easier for my son to look through them since he is now intrigued by the thought of collecting.

I got a little long winded on the last two parts of this trade post so I am going to keep it brief here and showcase the cards.  They speak for themselves.  I am still going to have to split this into two posts since the picture content is going to be enormous.

Thanks to Night Owl for all the great cards and the awesome Steeler schedule.  I think my Bucco's collection has doubled, if not tripled, in size.

A slough of A&G cards as well as a few OPC baseball from last year.  I never liked the A&G but that was because I didn't own any.  No I do, and now I like them.  Go figure.

A nice mix here highlighted by the center square.

A few Topps Heritage that didn't really do it for me when I saw them on other blogs, but now that I own them, it's a different story.

Gotta love the Madlock Diamond King and I really like the airbrushed helmet on Barry's head in that Post card.  John Smiley is the 3 of clubs...I figured him more for an ACE (**comical drum hits ensue**)

Some oldies but goodies.  I though that Ken Brett might have been my oldest Pirate but I forgot that my brother found my old stuff including my 1954 Dick Groat card.  I'll show that some other time.

80s Cheese with a 90s card on the'd that get on this page?

Finally some Reuss-age, and Omar Moreno, and a team card.  Does it get any better than team cards?


  1. I can send you some Pirate and Steeler careds if you want them. Send me an e-mail...

  2. Glad you liked them. Vintage is so cool.


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