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Ball State Sports Alumni

Updated 8/22/13

This is the page for my Ball State University sports alumni.  I decided to start collecting BSU players in August of 2013 as a tribute to my Alma Mater.  Have a look if you wish and if you have any cards of people who went to BSU, by all means, let me know.


Nothing Yet


Bonzi Wells

Theron Smith


Nate Davis


Nothing Yet


Nothing Yet

People of note:

NFL - Blaine Bishop, Timmy Brown (1960s), Brad Maynard, Rush Brown, Michael Blair, Corey Croom, Bernie Parmalee, Keith Mckenzie, Nate Davis, Robert Brewster, Dante Ridgeway, Reggie Hodges, Shafer Suggs, Corey Parchman, Terry Schmidt, Ed Konopasek, Dan Gerberry, Darius Hill, Andre Ramsey, Willie Snead, Jahwan Edwards

NBA - Bonzi Wells, Theron Smith, Rawle Marshall

MLB - Larry Bigbie, Bryan Bullington, Thomas Howard, Merv Rettenmund, Brad Snyder, Kolbrin Vitek, Jeremy Hazelbaker

WNBA - Tamara Bowie

OTHER FAMOUS (that may have cards) - David Letterman (Late Night Host), Joyce Dewitt (Three's Company), Anthony Montgomery (Star Trek Enterprise), Jim Davis (Cartoonist), John Schnatter (Papa John), Brady Hoke (football coach), 

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  1. Don't forget about Kolbrin Vitek and Jeremy Hazelbaker, both of whom have played for Red Sox affiliates. Hazelbaker was recently traded to the Dodgers.


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