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Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year 2024...

Happy New Year all you hobby people out there that may still read this largely ignored and forgotten blog!! I hope this post finds you all well, happy, and healthy. 

I'd like to say I'm here to announce the revival of this little hobby corner of mine on the web. But alas, that would be putting way to much pressure on myself to make this a priority. Posting daily and having numerous tweaks done to the programming in order to give this more exposure is really the only way to get this in front of more eyeballs, and to be honest, I'm not interested in all that work. Why? Well, I'm not a "hobby influencer", I'm not a "hobby investor", I'm not a "hobby monetizer", I'm none of those. I'm a collector. This isn't my job and I make no money doing this. It's for know, an actual hobby? 

I have so many ideas for regular content that I could put out, like daily or bi-weekly features that would probably be pretty great. But again, that takes time, effort, and a lot of preparation and work. As you can see if you go back in the history, I used to try and do that. But I don't want to fully revive this with regular posting intentions just to crash and burn mid-February.  So I make no promises of regular fresh content. Most of you know that I'm on Twitter or X or whatever, and regularly spout off over there with my hobby related bad takes. If you really need my thoughts, go over there. I'm also one of the regular contributors to the Puck Junk Podcast where you can hear my stoner negativity about the hobby ring out in audio form. In the rarest of occasions, you may also even find an article or two on Puck Junk itself.

That being said, I may post an article or two regarding my thoughts on various things throughout the year but absolutely no promises are being made. In fact, just to give you an idea of how bad I am at posting, I have 56 "drafts" of things I've written that never went live between 2020-2023. Most of my writing about the hobby has become kind of an introspective therapeutic outlet of sorts. You know like when you are at work and you get a really stupid email that you so badly want to respond to but know that if you did it would be seen as unprofessional? So you type everything you have to say, wrap a nice bow around it, and then hit the delete button. This is kind of like that. 

I've had this blog since 2009 and I'm not about to go away anytime soon, so even if you don't see posts regularly, know that I'm still here.  This is the place where I still house my checklists for the sets I'm working on and all the sets I've completed. It's also a springboard for my other blog where I post all my Penguins autographs (which was also revived somewhat, hopefully for this year). 

At any rate, Happy New Year again to everyone. Here's to hobby successes to all of you in 2024.

...more to come...





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