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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Trades. Now's The Time For Trades.

I'm bored and in a collecting funk.  So LET'S TRADE.

I'm looking to get some trades going around here.  I know I have traded with some of you before and there was a time where I was probably not a very good trade partner.  In fact there are probably some of you out there that I still owe cards to.  But I'm now sitting on so much product that I have no where to put things anymore.  What better way of moving it than through trades.

By now everyone knows what I collect.  No?  Really?  Well if you don't here is a list...

      Pittsburgh Penguins (early 90s stuff is not needed unless it's oddball)
      Pittsburgh Steelers
      Pittsburgh Pirates (if it's from 1987-1991 I probably already have too many)

      Hockey:   Jaromir Jagr,  Mario Lemieux,  Bill Guerin,  Eric Tangradi
      Football:  Rod Woodson,  Jerome Bettis

Other Projects:
      Ball State University Alumni (players that played for BSU or are featured in BSU gear)
      Pittsburgh Penguin Autographed cards (check my other blog for what I already have)

I am looking to get rid of a ton of hockey product.  Most of my collection is divided into either players or teams.  Inserts from the last 5 years are divided by brand.  I have singles from the mid 1980s through today.  If you need commons to complete sets, let me know or just send me your lists.  Also, I have about 600 cards listed on Collector's Revolution.  If you go on my inventory and see anything you would like to trade for instead of buy, let me know and I can see what I can do.

I do have some football but nothing recent and really nothing huge.  Most of my football is divided into teams but I do have some player albums with singles.  If you have someone in mind, a set you are trying to finish from the last 10 years or so or a team you collect, let me know.

As far as baseball goes, I do have a sprinkling of some stuff from the last 10 years or so but again, nothing super huge like refractor/auto/jersey stuff.  Baseball is mostly in boxes by sets but back in the late 2000s I sorted a couple monster boxes by player.  The majority are guys from the 1980s and 1990s but there may be a few recent guys separated out.  If you have needs from any of the Topps or Bowman sets from the last 6 years, send me a list and I will look.

Basketball...I don't collect basketball cards but over the years I have accumulated some because of many collections I have purchased.  Because of that I have two 5000 count boxes of basketball cards, mostly from the early to mid 2000s with some mix of early 1990s.  I know nothing about them nor do I care to.  If you have a team you like or a player, let me know and I can reluctantly go through them.




Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Blog Isn't Dead. It's Just Sleepy

That's right, kids.  The blog isn't dead.  It's just a very sleepy, sleepy place.  Why?  Well I have found quite a few other means of communicating with many people out there in the card universe.

First, there is Twitter.  I am fairly active on Twitter, reading all the 140 character goodness that is published daily, hourly, even minutely (put it in Websters) by all my collector friends, dealers, writers, and sports personalities that I follow.  You can usually find me on there at some point for a few moments each day commenting, favoriting, and reTweeting.

Then, there is the new venture, the Puck Junk Podcast.  Sal Barry and I have been putting on a podcast on a weekly basis covering everything NHL and hockey card related.  Why?  Well, above all else, it's fun.  Sal and I have had many conversations over the years about things that turn into memorable moments so we finally started to document some of those conversations.  What better way that with audio?  Secondly, there isn't much out there that is hockey centered and focuses on the musings of two hockey fans with no real broadcasting experience and lots of opinions.  Lots.  I mean lots.  Podcast #4 is available now  on Soundcloud if you haven't already given it a listen.  It's still a work in progress but if you have 30 minutes, I could think of worse ways to spend it.

But, I guess the moral of this story is, the blog will be back to partially semi-regular, if not actually semi-regular posts soon.  I just need to stop procrastinating my posts for so long.  I just went through my post log and I found 26 "DRAFT" versions of posts that never got published.  All of them with content.  I don't know if it's a general unhappiness with what I write or just laziness.  I'll probably go with laziness.

And that's all I have to say about that.