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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Trades. Now's The Time For Trades.

I'm bored and in a collecting funk.  So LET'S TRADE.

I'm looking to get some trades going around here.  I know I have traded with some of you before and there was a time where I was probably not a very good trade partner.  In fact there are probably some of you out there that I still owe cards to.  But I'm now sitting on so much product that I have no where to put things anymore.  What better way of moving it than through trades.

By now everyone knows what I collect.  No?  Really?  Well if you don't here is a list...

      Pittsburgh Penguins (early 90s stuff is not needed unless it's oddball)
      Pittsburgh Steelers
      Pittsburgh Pirates (if it's from 1987-1991 I probably already have too many)

      Hockey:   Jaromir Jagr,  Mario Lemieux,  Bill Guerin,  Eric Tangradi
      Football:  Rod Woodson,  Jerome Bettis

Other Projects:
      Ball State University Alumni (players that played for BSU or are featured in BSU gear)
      Pittsburgh Penguin Autographed cards (check my other blog for what I already have)

I am looking to get rid of a ton of hockey product.  Most of my collection is divided into either players or teams.  Inserts from the last 5 years are divided by brand.  I have singles from the mid 1980s through today.  If you need commons to complete sets, let me know or just send me your lists.  Also, I have about 600 cards listed on Collector's Revolution.  If you go on my inventory and see anything you would like to trade for instead of buy, let me know and I can see what I can do.

I do have some football but nothing recent and really nothing huge.  Most of my football is divided into teams but I do have some player albums with singles.  If you have someone in mind, a set you are trying to finish from the last 10 years or so or a team you collect, let me know.

As far as baseball goes, I do have a sprinkling of some stuff from the last 10 years or so but again, nothing super huge like refractor/auto/jersey stuff.  Baseball is mostly in boxes by sets but back in the late 2000s I sorted a couple monster boxes by player.  The majority are guys from the 1980s and 1990s but there may be a few recent guys separated out.  If you have needs from any of the Topps or Bowman sets from the last 6 years, send me a list and I will look.

Basketball...I don't collect basketball cards but over the years I have accumulated some because of many collections I have purchased.  Because of that I have two 5000 count boxes of basketball cards, mostly from the early to mid 2000s with some mix of early 1990s.  I know nothing about them nor do I care to.  If you have a team you like or a player, let me know and I can reluctantly go through them.




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