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Friday, February 7, 2014

One Of My Favorite Pens D-Men, Out Six Weeks With...A STROKE!!??

Two posts in one day!  I know. Crazy for me....

But you heard that right in the title...or maybe you heard on hockey news somewhere already.  Kris Letang, a finalist for last years Norris Trophy, suffered what doctors say was a stroke. They don't think it will threaten his career but one can't help but wonder if it could effect his game going forward.  I guess a better question is, should there be a game going forward?

Letang suffers from a small hole in the wall of his heart, a birth defect that occurs in all babies but usually repairs itself.  Doctor's think it may have led to the stroke.  The Pens GM Ray Shero, said he had only one episode of dizziness last week.  As a result, he sat for a few games while they did further tests.  Not until he returned to Pittsburgh did they find the issue.  Right now, he is on the shelf for at least six weeks before they evaluate him again.

He was quoted in the press conference as saying...

"I hope that by making my condition public at this time I can help other people by encouraging them to seek medical help if they experience some of the symptoms associated with a stroke, regardless of their age or general health. It obviously was a shock to get the news but I'm optimistic that I can overcome this and get back on the ice."

Kris is only 26 years old.  26!


  1. it's my fault.
    he's on my fantasy team. he's pretty much the only healthy guy I have left.

    scratch that.

    1. I hold you personally responsible then. You should know better than pick Penguin players. It's a guaranteed voodoo jinx.


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