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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Steeler 6-Pack

A new "feature" here on The Real DFG is the Sunday Steeler 6-Pack.  Each Sunday of the NFL season, I will feature 6 random cards from my Pittsburgh Steelers' PC.  There is no rhyme or reason for any of them, just 6 random cards I pull out of one of my many boxes or binders of black and gold (and there are MANY) and maybe a comment or two.

Here We Go!

1971 Topps Andy Russell

One of my favorite Steeler Nation story Russell tells is from a trip he made to Russia for his business.  While shopping at an outdoor mall in Moscow, he found a table of nesting dolls.  This was nothing out of the ordinary, of course, but one in particular caught his attention.  Among the traditional hand carved child toys was one with a familiar black and gold hue.  He had found a Pittsburgh Steelers nesting doll, all the way in Moscow, Russia.  The Steel the former Iron Curtain.  It started with Jack Lambert, then Joe Greene, Franco, Bradshaw, and finally had Lynn Swann.  He recalled,
"There weren't any other football teams or American figures displayed, just this one.  I know there are Steeler fans in every city, but Moscow?"  He laughed, "Swann will be ticked he was the smallest one."

 2001 Bowman Casey Hampton (RC)
"The way I see it, you never know when your last play is going to be.  So you should go hard all the time.  There's no reason to take a play off."   - - Casey Hampton quoted in the Daily Texan, 2000

1996 Donruss Greg Lloyd

One of my top five All-Time favorite Steelers.  Possibly even the top.  Intensity, Ferocity, Relentless Pursuit, Pure Nastiness...That was Greg Lloyd.

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Red Border Patch Limas Sweed

Worst draft pick in Steelers history.  There.  I said it. 

1986 Topps John Stallworth

I could have scanned a card in better shape.  But this card is important in my collection.  Not because it's valuable.  Not because it is some "Holy Grail" type card.  Not even because it is part of some sub-collection in my PC.  This is important because I got this card when I was 11 years old and I still have it today.  I have multiple copies of this now.  Maybe even dozens, all in better condition.  But this one, bent corners, scuff marks, worn edges and all, is by far my favorite of all my Stallworths.

1958 Topps Jack Butler

One of the latest Steeler editions to Canton (2012), Butler deservedly went in as a senior member, not only for his accomplishments on the field, but for what he did for football and the NFL.  Jack spent 46 years of his life after an injury forced early retirement in 1959, working as the director of the BLESTO Scouting Combine.  He is responsible for helping in the transition of over 75,000 college athletes over to the pros through the process now known simply as the NFL Combine.