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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Idea For A Hockey Set: Hockey Firsts?

Sometimes when I'm left to my own thoughts, it can be a scary thing.  I have little usable creative talent and even less computer graphic skills so I will concede this one to the likes of others out there that make custom card designs all the time.  Has there ever been a "retro-themed" set of Hockey Firsts?  I don't know of one, or a subset, or an insert set.

But if there has, someone tell me.

Here's the idea...

It's a 100-card set that features significant moments that occured in hockey that don't get recognized, or first feats.  Probably about 60-70 players and another 30-40 subset cards with either the same guys or different guys that fit the themes.

For example...

  • Everyone knows that the first goalie to wear a mask regularly was Jacques Plante.  Give him a card for being an innovator (or just plain scared). But the second guy...Jerry Toppazzini.  Give that guy a card in this set for being a lemming.
  • The first Soviet player allowed in the NHL was Victor Nechaev.  Give that guy a card for being a pioneer.
  • Sam Lopresti, then goalie for the Chicago Blackhawks, was the first goalie ever pulled for an extra attacker.  Give Sam a card (and get his dog one too).
  • The 1983 Islanders were the first team ever invited to the White House after winning the Stanley Cup.  Give them a team card with all their forced smiles, sucking up to President and Mrs. Reagan (if there is a picture of that somewhere).
  • The first guy to sign a contract, and actually collect on it [Derek Sanderson signed one but never collected it], worth $1 million in pro-hockey was Bobby Hull.  Give him a card for getting PAID! (I wonder what that would be worth in 1972 dollars today).
  • You could even do a whole host of cards of "ethnic" or "racial" the first black player - - Willie O'Ree; or the first black goalie - - Grant Fuhr; or first black head coach (and team captain) - - Dirk Graham; or the first Native American in the NHL (no it was Rene Boileau or Rainy Drinkwater as they called him) - - Fred Sasakamoose.
  • Here's an easy one.  The first 50-goal scorer - - Maurice Richard.  They name the stinkin' trophy after him now.  Give him a card.

These are just a few examples of cards that could be in there.  I have a ton of other player ideas also.  You could get some big name guys mixed with a bunch of lesser names, or players you wish had cards but never did.  There could be insert cards, autos, and whatever other pieces of whatever you wanted in them too.  But for now, I'm thinking just the base cards and maybe a subset or two.

Or maybe I'm just thinking out loud.

Either way, I think it's the start of a good idea.  Any takers?


  1. First goalie to shoot the puck into the net. First to put a curve on the stick. First to score a Gordie Howe hat trick, and then change the name of the feat to that person.

  2. While some from the original 6 and earlier days could be challenging, the first player to score a goal in each team's respective history.

  3. I like the concept. I would really be on board if each of the "firsts" would be depicted by an appropriate photo. Seeing the NYI at the White House, etc. The design of the cards would be paramount to a successful product IMO.

    Cool idea nonetheless.

    1. Of course the photography would have to be top notch. I'm guessing some of them, depending on subject material, might be hard to find.

  4. 1,000,000.00 in 1972 is roughly 5,586,399.03 today based on inflation and value of the US dollar.


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