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Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Question Their Intentions

2000-01 Upper Deck E-Card Brett Hull

The Internet is a neat thing, especially now that it is on computers.  That's why when Upper Deck decided to introduce the world to E-Cards, it seemed as though collecting would suddenly advance into the 25th Century.  No more riding your bike to the local dealer to buy packs of the latest trading card.  We're all using our hover boards and moon boots, or riding the monorail to get there.  This is the future!!  

So the instructions on the card tell me to go to so that I can "digitize" my card.  Why?  Because the only thing better than cardboard Brett Hull is digital Brett Hull.  I went there like they are telling me to.  You know what I found??


Is my card digitized now?  Has Brett joined the ranks of the 1's and 0's?  I sure hope so.  But where is it?  I didn't get an email or an instant message.  Maybe I should click the "Sports News" button.  Or maybe I should check my hover board.  These directions are way too difficult for me to understand.  Technology is scary.  I really question Upper Decks intentions.


  1. I'm assuming someone was watching The Simpsons while writing this post.

  2. I was not. However I am fairly certain my comments are influenced by them. Everything useful I have ever learned has come from either the Simpsons or Family Guy.


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